Kyle Wiltjer to Gonzaga?



There have been rumors flying around for the last couple of weeks that Kentucky’s Kyle Wiltjer may transfer after the season.

The rumors were reinforced last night when 24/7 Sports writer Jerry Meyer spoke about them on twitter:

An Oregon high school has been hearing it for a while:

Kentucky 24/7 writer isn’t ready to believe in the rumors:

At any rate, there isn’t anything official on Kyle Wiltjer’s status:

I miss the Kyle Wiltjer that made videos.

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About the Author

Scott Anderson
I love covering the Kentucky Wildcats and even though I can't cheer on the outside when I go to games now, I am definitely cheering on the inside. You can follow me at @SAndersonNOB on twitter.
  • Lawrence Staton

    Might be a better fit. Close to his home, lower expectations. He just might flourish with less pressure.

    • Bocas Mann

      I think he could still fourish @ KY, he just isn’t a one & done. He’s the kind of player who should stay 4 years to improve his defense and other skills and he will be ready for a heckofa senior year and the pros.

  • Michael Goosey

    As a Kentucky Fan, I loved watching Kyle. If he wants to transfer I support him. I hate to see him go but in the best interest of the player, I see why he would make the move.


    we love kyle.but if he feels like a change so be he will always be a WILD CAT.i support you…

  • Josie Hurt

    Proverbial door/a$$

  • Joel Johnson

    I was a huge fan of kyle before this season started during the season though it seemed like he gave up and started caring so honestly as much as I like the kid if he wants to go else where it maybe in his best interest cause he wont have the time playing next season

  • Spenser Duke Blevins

    take harrow with you, neither of you play defense or play pick and roll/pop

    • aaronjwells32

      What happened to letting these players grow and develop within the system? I know that Harrow did not have the same year as Wall, Knight, Teague, but he is playing the toughest position on the floor (especially under a Coach Cal system) and even though he does have experience playing Division I basketball, he did not have experience at Kentucky which rivals the pressure placed on the athletes who put on the pinstripes in New York. Just think if we kicked out Miller after his first TWO seasons on the team (I know you remember all the nicknames given to him during his first three years); we would not have hung #8 without him. Although it is too soon to compare Harrow to anyone, I do think Harrow could flourish in a back up role with less pressure placed on his shoulders and I really hope he sticks around to show us exactly what he can do.
      Lastly, if we get rid of everyone like many fans are suggesting, do these same people realize that we are stuck with the same problem? A bunch of freshman with no leadership placed on the biggest stage in college basketball with the most passionate fans who expect greatness from the first day? When you took your first job, would you expect to be running the show or would you rather learn the ropes and develop into a stronger employee who can take on bigger things when you receive the proper tools? Gives these KIDS a break. Let’s stack this team and let Coach use these tools to the best of his ability and bring home #9!

      • Yvette Frank

        I agree

      • Howard Christy

        I agree also i hate evryone bashing our kids!!!

      • Casey Southard

        smartest comment ive seen so far

  • Vance ‘Black’ Smith

    I think he should go.

  • Gregory Rossi

    Wiltjer too slow and afraid to get in the paint and mix it up. He has a decent shooting stroke but nothing special. He was never capable of using his size to his advantage.

  • Jeramy Browning

    NOOOOOO!!!!!! Don’t Go!!!!! That’s me speaking selfishly of course. He needs to do whatever is best for him, I understand. I’m going to miss his three point shot though. I don’t want him to go.

  • Nate

    Kyle Wiltjer will definitely transfer. Marcus Lee should decommit now since he won’t get any playing time.

    • Capurnicus

      Lol, Lee should get plenty of play time. If you play good D then Cal will give ya minutes. Lee is a monster on the defensive end.

  • Robert Rhodes


  • Gerald Vinson


  • Nick

    If Kentucky gets both Wiggins and Gordon then somebody is going to be on the bench watching, it looks like Marcus Lee among others.

  • Kendra

    Wiltjer has serious game when he wants to. I think around the time noel got hurt he lost his focus for some reason .I hope he stays. He would contribute instant offense.

  • Don Miller

    You can have him. He is too slow, wants to stand out on the perimeter and hit threes. Thank you Kyle, for choosing Kentucky, whew!