Kuran Iverson says Memphis Recruiting Class Is Way Better than UK’s


Kuran Iverson (aka cousin of Allen Iverson) believes working hard beats talent. Although Kentucky’s recruting class is talented he says in an interview with, Memphis works hard and will be way better.

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[colored_box color=”grey”]“Everybody talking about Kentucky hype, but there ain’t really gonna be no Kentucky hype. There’s gonna be some Memphis hype.”

Do you think you guys are better than them?

“Yeah, way better,” he said. “Way better. They talented, we work hard.”

That’s some strong stuff considering Kentucky’s class is considered by some to be the greatest of all time.

Iverson, a Connecticut native, is part of a six-man Memphis class currently ranked No. 3 by behind Kentucky’s eight-man group that is headlined by Julius Randle and Andrew and Aaron Harrison, and Kansas’s class that features Andrew Wiggins.

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