Kuran Iverson says Memphis Recruiting Class Is Way Better than UK’s


Kuran Iverson (aka cousin of Allen Iverson) believes working hard beats talent. Although Kentucky’s recruting class is talented he says in an interview with SNY.tv, Memphis works hard and will be way better.

What can you say BBN? Write your comments below!

[colored_box color=”grey”]“Everybody talking about Kentucky hype, but there ain’t really gonna be no Kentucky hype. There’s gonna be some Memphis hype.”

Do you think you guys are better than them?

“Yeah, way better,” he said. “Way better. They talented, we work hard.”

That’s some strong stuff considering Kentucky’s class is considered by some to be the greatest of all time.

Iverson, a Connecticut native, is part of a six-man Memphis class currently ranked No. 3 by ESPN.com behind Kentucky’s eight-man group that is headlined by Julius Randle and Andrew and Aaron Harrison, and Kansas’s class that features Andrew Wiggins.

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  • DoctorJNB

    Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Iverson has no idea how hard Kentucky kids work in practice or during games. He’s not really in their class. Kuran should skip college basketball and go straight into stand-up comedy. He’s just too funny…

  • Joy McQueen

    stay in Memphis

  • Brian Halloran

    i’m pretty sure i could work hard on my game 24/7/365, and Lebron could do nothing but eat Cheeto’s for a year and talent would still win that battle on the court. I like UK’s chances, despite the overwhelming amount of talent they are bringing in. i’m guessing UK’s guys have put a little bit of work in too. lol.

  • Myra E Spiess Carver

    Sometimes people just don’t know what they are talking about. Apparently this is one of them!

  • Tanya Hopper Murrah

    Send the child some ketchup, he will be eating those words come BB season.

  • joseph.robinson2387@gmail.com

    is it just me or does that look like a mug shot

  • Demont Franklin

    It’s about coaching young man.

  • Craig Savage

    Damn. We play Memphis this year? Love to shut this idiot up. Let Randle jam it in his face. Let aaron Shoot it in his eye. Let Andrew break his ankles. Let Dakari teabag his forehead. Let Marcus Block his shot. Let James make him look silly. They got nothing on this class. Greatest class in history right here in the bluegrass state!!!

  • c8100

    How ironic! Allen Iverson’s cousin is actually preaching about hard work….”Practice, practice? Not a game, but practice?”

  • Jarred Davis

    I believe he needs to put some more practice into his speech class, I mean come on, his sentence ramble, with no prepositions. Learn to talk correct before you can talk trash! HAHAHA He would definitely benefit from 4 years of college!

    • Ken Weedman

      Jarred, although I agree with you, I believe you meant to say “Learn to talk correctLY.” God, I love irony!

      • Jarred Davis

        Sorry but you are incorrect! If I would have switched it and said “correctLY talk”, and used correct as an adverb then yes it would have needed an “LY” but I did not. The way I said it is correct!

  • Jerry D. Taylor

    You can definitely tell he is related to Allen Iverson, especially in the running of the mouth; I hope Memphis gets to play UK so he can find out exactly what a “BAD” class we will have!

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  • mike jones

    His feelings obviously were hurt when UK stopped recruiting him. Iverson is very similar to Chris Walker, another player who was upset because he wasn’t offered by UK.