Kevin Stallings Postgame Quotes

Vanderbilt Head Coach Kevin Stallings

Opening Comments:

“If you didn’t care who won, it was a great college basketball game. I’m disappointed to have lost. I told my son on the way here that it’d be nice to have some magic at Memorial. When that ball went to Kedren [Johnson], that’s what flashed through my mind. Kentucky just made a couple more plays than we did. I thought we played competitively and guarded well, at least in the second half.”

On a 24-Second Violation Not Being Called Against Kentucky:

“[The officials] said it wasn’t reviewable. The officials got together and said it wasn’t reviewable. I don’t want to spin this press conference talking about a call. Judging by my reaction, you could tell what I thought. Those are three of the best [officials] in the country and they refereed a great game.”

On What Coach Stallings Told the Team After the Game:

“I told our team that I wouldn’t be any prouder of them if that shot went in. We got down, fought back, and had a chance to win. It wasn’t a lack of effort.”

On Vanderbilt’s Zone Defense:

“I thought if we started making shots, we’d get back into the game. I thought the quality of our shots was really good. Our staff wanted to go to the zone earlier than we did, but I wanted to wait as long as I could.”

On Vanderbilt’s Confidence:

“Our players played really hard. I’m not sure there was a lot of growing up [needed] in order to play hard. I thought the stretch that lost it for us was where we missed an open three, missed an ill-advised shot, turned it over, and then turned it over again. That was where [Kentucky] jumped out to a lead and got up by like five. That was the key stretch. We shot ourselves in the foot a bit.”

On Vanderbilt’s Final Play:

“Kedren [Johnson] was an option… [Kentucky] did a good job of figuring out what the first option was… That’s a play I’ve kept in my pocket until a situation like that.”

On Vanderbilt’s Run:

“We started making shots. We kept getting shots.”

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