Kentucky Moves Up to #2 in SEC Power Rankings

The Kentucky Wildcats had been stuck at #3 in previous ESPN SEC Power Rankings, but with the tight game at Louisville and looking more cohesive as a team has the Cats moving up a spot to #2.

2. Kentucky. I get it. Whom have the Wildcats beaten? What have they done to earn this? Well, they were a few free throws and a possession or two away from upsetting Louisville on the road last Saturday. These are power rankings. Who’s the best? I truly believe this Kentucky team, especially with Ryan Harrow elevating his game in recent weeks, could beat any team in this league. The Wildcats are just beginning to understand how good they can and will be in the next two months. Now they have to prove it in the SEC.

If Kentucky keeps buying into what John Calipari is selling, you would have to believe the Cats won’t be looking up at Florida for very long.

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