Kentucky leads in 2013 class rankings




Recruiting analyst Evan Daniels of puts UK in the top spot in the updated 2013 class rankings. Duke, Kansas, Memphis and Indiana round out the top five.


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  • Jason Burnett

    Sad to say that Willis will see about 5 min a game, if that. He’s not that good. Seen him play against a few big men and they tore his ass up. Brothers from Seneca ate him up. I think Willis had 6 and 5 to finish the game, and that’s high school….smh

    • Michael Goosey

      Willis is a walk-on its expected for him not to be that great but with time a walk-on can prove he can better his overall game and become a part of a teams rotation. The rest of the guys could and should be starters on any team, leaving us with a great looking team next season with some of our returning guys

      • j ferg

        one word….Polson …. good point

        • Jason Burnett

          Only reason Polson is playing, is because Harrow isn’t Cals “typical” pg. He’ll get NO clock next year(Polson)..

      • Jason Burnett

        Walk on? Why is he getting a “scholarship” offer then??