Kentucky is Looking to do More Right than Wrong

John Calipari knows there are a lot of things his team needs to work on and with the short amount of time he has to implement those, he can only concentrate on the things her learns after games.

Maryland exploited a couple of Kentucky’s weaknesses, and as every one know, rebounding is at the top of the list.

Maryland also pressed the Wildcats and Cal has vowed that his team will be better when guarded full court.

Calipari said what he saw against Maryland convinced him to change some of the practice plans for the weekend leading up to the Duke game.

“I’m trying to get us to be solid in a few things right now, which we’re not,” Calipari said. “What I liked was the will to win at the end of the game. We are where we are right now. We’re a mid-November team. We’ll be right 30 percent of the time. We’re wrong 70 percent.

“My concern right now is, when they really get after us, how do we respond? When they make a run, which they’re going to do, how do we respond? This is what I’m going to learn about my team.”

If the Wildcats don’t do more than 30% right, it could be a long night in Georgia for the young Wildcats.

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