Kentucky Football’s Lynn Bowden Tweets about Not Being Happy with Playing Time

After last night’s road win at Southern Miss, Kentucky Football freshman Lynn Bowden aired his grievance on twitter of not enough playing time.

After Bowden deleted his post, I thought better of posting about his tweet because there was no sense of blowing up a mistake by a young kid.

Now Bowden, who showed up really late to Spring practice because of academic issues, has continued to tweet remarks that makes me think he has an attitude issue.

Kyle Tucker of SEC Country tends to think his tweets are interesting:

If Bowden thinks he can miss all of spring practice and play over someone that practiced the entire spring is ridiculous in my opinion.

He might be great, but it isn’t his place to run his mouth on Twitter, especially after a road win.

I don’t care if he is Rocket Ismail, he needs to earn his spot on the team and wait his turn.

It might have been the plan all along for him to play vs. EKU, but now these comments put Mark Stoops in a spot.

Play him and look weak or suspend him and take a chance of running him off.

My opinion is Stoops needs to get Bowden off twitter asap and maybe it will turn out as well as Josh Harrellson having his twitter taken away.

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