Kentucky Football Ranked #5 on ESPN’s Bottom 10

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Kentucky Football has made plenty of news this week.  Unfortunately, it’s all been about the loss to Western Kentucky and the future of Joker Phillips as our head coach. Yesterday, ESPN took notice and ranked UK as #5 on their “Bottom 10” list (this is definitely not a list you want to be on).

Here’s an excerpt…

If there’s a silver lining for Kentucky fans, it’s that there are only 23 days until the first official basketball practice! That’s right, it’s never too early for college basketball in Lexington, a hoops oasis in SEC country. Tickets for Big Blue Madness are available on Saturday, which is probably a good time for Wildcats fans to start diverting their attention away from the gridiron. UK’s upcoming schedule is as follows: at Florida, vs. South Carolina, vs. Mississippi State … well, you get the idea.

Phillips knows better than most that legacies in Lexington are built from bricks made of orange rubber and nets. He played football at UK when men’s basketball coach Joe B. Hall was undertaking, quite successfully, the unenviable task of succeeding the legendary Adolph Rupp. The Wildcats named the building after the latter; on Tuesday, they unveiled a statue to honor the former.

Given that precedent of idolatry, there’s no telling what’s in store for current coach John Calipari at the rate he’s going. A statue might not be enough. They may as well name the place after him (eat your heart out, Nick Saban).

In the meantime, get in line, because tickets for Big Blue Madness will go fast. And dream no more dreams of football futility, UK fans, a new season on the hardwood will be here soon enough.

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With Florida this weekend and South Carolina the following weekend, there’s not a lot to get excited about. The old saying “It will get worse before it gets better” is definitely true when it comes this football season.  Makes you wonder if Mitch Barnhart will be able to wait till after the season to make a coaching change or will he be forced to do something before the end of the season.

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  • William Bo Harris


  • Anthony Simpson

    Race to the bottom!!!!

  • Deborah Curlin

    We will never have a good football team until they pay the money for a good coach. Everybody is laughing at us.

  • Ian Splisgardt

    Joker shouldve been fired after last year. I could probably do a better job than he can

  • Mike Creamer

    This is sad and why I’m only a basketball fan

  • Christina Renee’ Wingard

    Go season cant get here fast enough..we shouldnt even have a football team

  • Michael D. Mosley

    We been there and done that too………Go Tops.

  • Andrew Gabbard

    It all went down hill fast after rich brooks left

  • Michael Bryant

    How worse does this team have to get, before they get rid of joker?

  • Bryce Gary

    I don’t I would’ve posted this on fb it’s nothing to be proud of.

  • Michael Bryant

    UK fans need to start some type of petition to try and get Joker out as coach.

  • Jason Bratcher

    Come on. We suck . That’s a given, but we lead the sec in passing offense, we can’t be worse than everyone but four teams…

  • Todd Decker

    That’s it? I would had ranked them 2

  • Jeff Apple

    They should def be #1!!

  • Charlotte Chuck Taylor

    They will never be a Great Football School,not since Bear Brayant was Coach.

  • Tony Burton

    Go Big Blue ESPN full of crap as usual the season just got started let’s give them a chance.

  • Larry Manis

    You got to remember ESPN also ranked UK BASKETBALL #2or three AFTER they won the champenship,SO that tells you a lot about what ESPN thinks of UK.

  • Bill Barker

    Kent st. # 4

  • Margie Hunter

    It’s very sad to see a program Rich Brooks worked so hard at building into a successful program go down the tubes. Kentucky people want to see all of UK programs be at the top, not just basketball. Kentucky folks want to win at everything. We were on the right track in football until this last coaching change. I hope Barnhardt can get a first class high profile coach in here fast to build this program again. It is a shame and very hard to watch.

  • Randall Curtis Bush

    Hey at least they ranked somewhere? Yes, No?

  • Nancy Hill Sutton

    That high? WOW I am shocked!