Kentucky Football Coaching Search Down to Two?


If you have been keeping up with the Kentucky Football coaching search, you kind of get the vibe that it has come down to 2 guys.

John Clay of Lexington Herald is hearing the same thing.

Despite reports to the contrary, Florida State defensive coordinator Mark Stoops is still very much in play to be Joker Phillips’ replacement at Kentucky. San Jose State coach Mike MacIntyre is also very much a candidate for the job.

I would be really surprised if one of these two guys are not the head football coach at Kentucky within the week.

Who would you want out of these two?

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About the Author

Scott Anderson
I love covering the Kentucky Wildcats and even though I can't cheer on the outside when I go to games now, I am definitely cheering on the inside. You can follow me at @SAndersonNOB on twitter.
  • Josh White

    I like both, really. I think bringing in a defensive-minded coach would be a nice change of pace for the program. Maybe the answer to competing with the likes of Bama and Florida is to have a stifling defense?

  • carrie

    What about Danny Hope from Purdue and Eastern KY???? Maybe they should slow down and wait and see who else is available….

  • Eddie Eddieville Ward

    neither…..what happened to sonny dykes, or petrino, or gruden????

    • Josh White

      Dykes reportedly turned it down. Gruden was never coming. And I don’t trust Petrino as far as I can throw him. He was never under consideration.

    • jason m.

      Gruden.. really? lol, why not cowher. or Lombardi

    • Scott Taylor

      Hell I said Holmgren just resigned …he’s llokin for a gig

  • Bobby Hoskins

    Stoops. I’d take a chance on him. He has connections and can recruit the state of Florida which is HUGE!

  • Mike Bryant

    What about Phil Fulmer?

  • Patrick Short

    Danny hope is a joke that like say well we should hire georgetown colleges coach b/c they made the playoffs. Mark Stoops is the right man for the job overall he’s gonna bring a good defense to the field every season where ever he has coached but i cant promise he’s gonna stay for along time but the time he is there Ky will make progress every season also i dont wanna hear about the juimbo fisher comments b/c i learned never listen to a coach and plus he’s trying to save some of his recruits at Florida St that have committed b/c of Mark Stoops.

  • George Montgomery

    If we bring in Stoops I would love to see him go and try to bring in Brown from Texas Tech as his OC. I think this could be a fairly succesful combination.

  • Jim McCubbins

    No commitment to Football. The coaches were going for will only be here a few years. If their successful, a bigger program will swoop them up. If their not successful, they’ll be fired. Why not go after a big time coach with a proven track record and pay them so they never leave. I can’t stand the lack of balls in this AD. We are doomed. No hope at UK for football.

    • Scott Taylor

      agreeed….they had a shot to get a great coach when they hired “coach in waiting (to be fired)” Joker Phillips..

  • Ian Splisgardt

    Why MacIntyre? Last I checked San Jose St. Isn’t exactly a power house of a program

  • Brandon Mathew Ray

    why not try and get stoops and macIntyre. one can be head coach and the other could be a coordinator. and just sh*#tcan some other coaches on ky’s staff. i mean joker wasn’t the only one not doing a good job. the defense was terrible. in my opinion, the whole team (offense and defense) needs an overhaul. bringing in both of these coaches would give us a high scoring offense with macIntyre and a strong defense + recruits with stoops. i vote both.


    STOOPS all the way comes from football family and will acually be defensive minded

  • Scott Taylor

    Come on can the University not do any better than that..Christ you have Chizik out there Tubberfeld would love back in SEC. Tressel, Mike Holgren, just resigned from the Browns.. Come on get someone that has a name to help recruit . No UK gonna get some half ass coach while Tennessee gets someone like Jon Gruden. Tired of being the laughing stock ok the SEC

  • Jeremy Habeck

    Stoops- are defense has been horrible even with great tacklers in the past few years

  • David

    Now it is time to hire an offensive coordinator and I hope he brings in someone that has an exciting playbook with no scrambling QB.