Kentucky Drops in New Top 25 Poll

Photo: Regina Rickert

Photo: Regina Rickert

Kentucky suffered a heartbreaking loss to #2 Michigan State 78-74 last night. We knew they would drop in the new polls, but how far did they drop? Gary Parrish of released the new poll this morning.

Here is the top five.

1. Michigan State (2-0)
2. Louisville (2-0)
3. Kansas (2-0)
4. Kentucky (2-1)
5. Duke (1-1)

Read Updated Top 25 (and one) by clicking here.


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  1. William Mattingly

    i still think they’ll ends up a number 1 team , hope they meet michigan again in the big dance . they probably will

  2. i love it…lose to the #1 team, on the road with freshman and drop to 4th…i guess that’s pretty accurate for now…probably just media jockying for a #2 v. #4 UK/UL game…

  3. They’ll beat Louisville.

  4. Kansas should have jumped Louisville

  5. Only drop to number 4, thats fair. I think Kansas should have jumped Louisville.

  6. No biggy…this ain’t football…polls don’t matter….banners do.

  7. hummmm Now WHO did Loserville play??? No way they should be over Kansas or Duke and I hate Duke. I would not put them over UK. UK hit free throws and they win.

  8. Louisville has had really slow starts to their games. Half time leads of single digits over nobodies? If we come out guns blazing in Rupp, Louisville will be lucky to not get blown out of the city,

  9. Kansas earned that #2 spot last night. In what world does a win over Hofstra trump a win over #4 Duke?

  10. This is a VERY young team, that hung in there with one of the most experienced, talented teams in the country. You can bet Cal will point out to them how important free throws are in the NBA, and therefore to their future financial success.

    • Have you ever looked at Coach Cal’s past teams? He lost a national championship at Memphis because of poor free throw shooting. His track record says he doesn’t care about emphasizing the importance of free throws. That’s my one major bone to pick with him. It’s ridiculous to shoot 55%, ridiculous.

      • It’s also difficult to get a young team to practice free throws, and Cal has to devote practice time to teaching other things. Unfortunately, if the players don’t have the work ethic to shoot free throws on their own time, that’s going to show in the stat column. But I agree, 55% from the line is ridiculous, particularly in a game where you shoot enough free throws to win by double digits.

  11. Cathy Bishop Butcher

    Kentucky being 4 is ok. They needed that game last night! Young kids coming in at #1 without being tested in the college league…not good!! They will return to #1 or #2 depending on where my buckeyes end up too! Kansas not being #2 after last night? Really?

  12. Uk shoots 45 pct from the field, 55 pct from the line, 20 pct from 3, has 17 turnovers and is killed in fast break points and only loses by 4 to the number 2 team? Most other teams would have lost the game by 15-20, teams should be very worried about this young UK team in the near future. They’re just getting their kitten paws wet right now.

  13. ky below loserville ! give me a break !

  14. lol UK drops from #1 to #4 after losing by 4 pts to #2, and Duke goes from #4 to #5 after going down by nearly double-digits