Kent Sterling Gives More Thoughts on Kentucky Fans and UK Basketball

kent sterling

kent sterling

Kent Sterling, who never has anything nice to say about Kentucky or UK basketball, continued his crazy comments about Rupp Arena renovation and the Big Blue Nation yesterday in a video segment he titles “Breakfast With Kent.”

Take a listen (Kentucky stuff begins at 2:45 mark):


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Anthony Wireman
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  • Stephen Thompson

    I see no reason to even post this guy’s thoughts about anything. You are giving free publicity to a publicity hound.

  • Bret Garrett

    Who cares what Kent Sterling says, he sounds like every other Indiana fan! He should be more concerned with the crappy arena the Hoosier losers play in.

  • Tj Bean

    Yeah, I haven’t watched either video. The last thing I want to do is give this guy more “views”.

  • ukjb

    It’s hilarious that he is making fun of the rupp arena renovations while assembly hall is LITERALLY falling apart… lmfao

  • johnnie whitfield

    I don’t guess he knows that Rupp Arena is not owned by the university. Saying that the investment shows the university doesn’t care about education. That’s funny. Also, he must think that only UK has players that leave early for the NBA. Shows one of two things: his ignorance of the situation over the last decade or his slant to degrade just the wildcats. Or possibly both.

  • UNC?

    I like the colors he uses for his banners. Who the hell is Kent?

  • Steven Goldberg

    Tell him to go back to playing Dungeons and Dragons. That nerd has never been to a basketball game.

  • Dave Holcomb

    is there a reason NOB is extending this guys voice? He isn’t a national guy or anything…. just wondering? I am pretty fired up at this team right now I don’t need any outside help!!

  • c8100

    I’ve been a UK fan my entire life. With that being said, Kent Sterling has a point. UK has completely undermined the “tradition” that has made this program special. I’ve never enjoyed watching NBA games because of the lack of passion and camaraderie..unfortunately, I must admit, watching Kentucky play now feels the exact same. I hate what UK has become.

    • Jason Spears

      u made no sense, NBA plays no defense and we have one of the best defensive teams in basketball, i guess u want calipari to take just walk ons and never win no games, u aint no true UK fan get off this sight…stupid cardinal fan, and it ain’t just UK its syracuse, duke, arizona , baylor, all these teams take one and done players its not the college or ncaa that makes that rule if u idiots new anything at all its cause the NBA makes that rule and the NBA said u only have to be 19 to come to nba so kids go to college for one year

      • c8100

        You’re the typical head in the sand Kentucky fan who doesn’t understand the consequences of the revolving door to the NBA that UK has become. Name one other collegiate program that consistently (every year) shells out multiple freshmen to the NBA… Do you honestly think the freshmen that come to UK care about winning? Do you think they care about the university, the fans, the program? No. They couldn’t care less. The players that come to Kentucky are looking for a shortcut to the NBA. They’re simply biding their time. They play with no passion; no heart. They’re not a true team. They’re a whole bunch of individuals with personal agendas looking to get out the door as soon as possible. Regardless of the legality, no other program abuses the one and done rule like UK does.

        • Jason Bolton

          Since we are making broad generalizations, here goes. You’re the typical old white male who doesn’t realize that college basketball has fundamentally changed. Coach Cal recruits the top talent in the game, like every other coach in the land, but he gets more of them than anyone so it stacks the deck against him come draft day. Ask Tubby Smith how recruiting middle of the pack talent worked for him? Rick recruited the best players he could find, but those guys had to stick around if they weren’t pro ready as high school seniors, the NBA wouldn’t give them a shot. That has changed. The whole college landscape has changed, even Coach K pursues multiple one and done type talents now. Also, I suppose you missed the 2011-2012 team, they won a national title by caring about UK and caring about winning.

          • Chris Skii

            How has anything this guy said brought you to the conclusion that he’s a “typical old white male”? You must be racist.

          • Jason Bolton

            No, I said since he was making up wild ass accusations I would play his game. I have no clue what or who he is, only that he is out of touch with the current state of big time college basketball.

          • Jason Spears

            I agree Bolton, and i dont think you are a racist…yeah coach K has the top C for next year adn the Top PG for next year, so this c8 100 is mad cause we did not go undefeated thats it, if we was dominant then he would be all for it…we have fundamentally sound group coming in next year these guys this year love them but just talent, next year these guys are students of the game, they study the game, they are smart, we will have a real threat from the 3 pt line next year a few of them actually , towns is great from out there, then Booker is the best shooter coming out probably the best pure shooter i have seen come out in the last 3 years…we are good people done wrote us off for the year, just watch and see what happens.

          • Jason Bolton

            What I can’t wait for is the year that Rod Silver institutes a 20 year old age minimum for the NBA and we get the best class in the nation for 2 years instead of one.

  • Scooter_G

    I have seen this hacks internet numbers. He only writes about Kentucky to increase his traffic for his web site. I think he is out of work and need our traffic to make money. So please everyone quit posting about him or going to his web site. The only other thing you could do to hurt him is call his advertisers and tell them that as long as he bashes Ky you will boycott their business.