Karl Towns loves baseball



Karl Towns loves baseball. He wanted to be a baseball star.

The 6’11” Kentucky commit may be dominating the high school basketball scene but he tells vaughtsviews  about how he walked away from basketball for a time.

“I actually quit basketball and wanted to be a baseball star,” Towns laughed and said. “I didn’t want to play basketball any more. That was about three years ago I think. But after three weeks of playing baseball, I missed basketball. I was a pitcher, first baseman, outfielder, third baseman. I loved it. My dad was a little irked that I quit basketball, but he supported me and went to all my games across the country.

“I sill love baseball, but since I took that break from basketball and came back my drive for basketball has been at a high level. That break gave me an even greater passion for basketball, and I needed that.”


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