Julius Randle Sounds Ready for Decision


Julius Randle sounds like he is ready to get down to the decision making process in his new USA Today Recruiting Blog.

Randle talks about his recent Kansas visit and getting down to a decision:

That was a great visit. Kansas really made a big impression on me. I know I’d have a legit chance to win a national championship there.

Now all of the visits are done and I’ve got to really start to think about what I want to do. It could be a really stressful situation because this thing is hard. I know the truth is that all of these schools would be perfect. But I’m not letting it stress me out; I’ve just got to go to the best system for me.

The place that fits me and the place that I’ll be happy. Wherever I felt the happiest is the place that I’m gonna go to.

It’s hard though! I can’t lie; it kinda kept me up last night. My mind was racing and I couldn’t go to sleep so I just stayed up and watched some TV. I think it’ll help that I’m so focused on winning the state title now. Then I’ve got spring break to take my mind off of things so that’ll be good.

I haven’t set any dates to decide or anything like that just because I don’t know where I want to go.

Many have been saying that Randle could announce his decision in early March and Evan Daniels stated recently that Kentucky is a longshot for the senior from Prestonwood, Texas.

He certainly talks about NC State a lot, and he sounds like he really enjoyed his Kansas visit.

Guess we will all just have to wait and see.

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