John Wall Must Wear Florida Onesie after Losing Bet to Bradley Beal

john wall and bradley beal

john wall and bradley beal

Kentucky’s John Wall made a bet with Washington Wizards teammate and Florida alum Bradley Beal that whoever’s alma mater won Saturday the loser had to wear a onesie.

Welp, looks like Wall will be making a trip to Baby Gap.

Here is what Wall said before the game:

“He know what’s up with me. He might not want to want to see me today,” Wall said, according to “You know how that is, you’ve got a big rivalry going on. I’ll give him a look. He got to wear that Kentucky onesie if we win. I have to wear that Florida onesie if they win. He don’t know that yet. That’s what I made. I’m the big brother so I make the rules. To practice. All day.”


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