John Calipari Will Try Anything to Make Some Free Throws

switch a roo

Yesterday the Kentucky Wildcats were a dismal 11-23 for 47% and was really the undoing of any comeback vs. the Louisville Cardinals.

John Calipari can’t make free throws for his team, but he can sure try to put the right people at the line…if he doesn’t get caught.

He didn’t yesterday, as Nerlens Noel was fouled and was going to the foul line, but Alex Poythress ended up taking the shots.

Check it out:

Check out the Big Lead who caught the switcharoo.

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About the Author

Scott Anderson
I love covering the Kentucky Wildcats and even though I can't cheer on the outside when I go to games now, I am definitely cheering on the inside. You can follow me at @SAndersonNOB on twitter.
  • Kyle Cooper

    They actually called the foul on Harrell bumping Poythress. It looks like Nerlens got fouled afterwards.

    • cbcard

      The foul was on # 2 Smith. Announced as such and entered in the box score as such. Noel was supposed to shoot.

  • John Chris Weaver

    ya the foul should have been on siva(his fifth) fouling noel but tehy called it on harrell fouling poythress instead, it was a ref call

    • cbcard

      No. See above. And Smith is #2, Siva #3. Siva was not in that area of the court.

  • David Kittle

    This all they got? Really! Looks to me Smith fouled Alex however the REFS agreed #22 should be shooting. Move on …