John Calipari says Allen Fieldhouse is Louder than Rupp Arena. Like, Much Louder.

John Calipari spoke about playing in Allen Fieldhouse yesterday and compared it to the North Carolina game in Rupp Arena when Anthony Davis blocked John Henson to seal the Wildcats victory.

Actually, he said there is no comparison.

Allen Fieldhouse is much louder.

“We’re going into a hostile environment. I’m going to tell you, our building, I can remember when we played North Carolina here and we won on the last play, and I’ll tell you it was so loud. Allen Fieldhouse is louder. Like, much louder. Acoustically it’s built like that (gestures to evoke an arched roof) so the sound hits it and it comes right back at you. And it literally moves you. If you’re standing and they really get loud, it will move you. I was there. I coached there and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I can feel it.’ It’s like you’re at a concert and you’re near the bass. Boom! Boom! You feel it. I mean that’s how it is there. It’ll be interesting for these guys, especially these young guys, to walk in and to feel it. I love the tradition of it.”

This will definitely be the most hostile environment a Wildcat team has been in since Assembly Hall when the Hoosiers beat the Cats on a last second shot.

Let’s hope the outcome is a little diffferent.

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