John Calipari Happy With Seniors After Win

When asked about how big the seniors were during the Wichita State game in the post-game press conference, John Calipari had a lot to say, even throwing in a compliment for Issac Humphries and Isaiah Briscoe.

“Well, in the first half, Dom just played outstanding. I was thinking about starting him in the second half, but we got a good group that sticks together so I just went with what I was doing.

Mychal Mulder made a huge 3. I put him back in to play the four. I was going to play he and Derek as the fours. I played Derek almost the whole half. He played well. Then Derek made the 3 in the corner, made a couple of 3s, rebounded pretty good. Ended up with eight rebounds and nine points. Think of that. Three steals. Derek Willis.

I mean it’s nice that we’ve got veterans like Isaiah and those seniors playing. Isaac did all right. I didn’t play him a whole lot, but he did fine.”

If the Wildcats are wanting to continue their run, they may have to play a little better than they have been, but their “veteran” experience sure does help them quite a bit.

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