Joe B. Hall Defends Bobby Petrino

The Kentucky Football coaching search has hit a week old now and it is questionable if we have really learned anything about the ins and outs of what is transpiring.

Most of the talk the last couple of days, especially in social media, has been whether Bobby Petrino is a good fit for Kentucky Football.

Every one knows he can win, but is it worth the trashing the morality of the program has been the theme of the possibility.

Larry Vaught has spoke to former Kentucky Basketball coach Joe B. Hall and he sheds some light on the questionable past of the former Arkansas coach.

But former UK basketball coach Joe Hall says there is another side to some of those stories. Hall’s son-in-law, Mike Summers, coached under Petrino before coming to Lexington three years ago to join Phillips’ staff.

“I know there is a lot of misinformation about Petrino and looking for other jobs when he was at Louisville, especially the situation at Auburn,” said Hall. “People were wanting to talk to him. He was not out chasing jobs and would not have left Louisville if he had not been approached about jobs. He was very loyal to Louisville. The AD (athletics director) and president at Auburn pressure him to meet with them. They flew up to southern Indiana to talk to him. He told them it was a waste of time but he had been at Auburn as offensive coordinator and respected those people. All he did was talk. Nothing else.”

What about leaving the Falcons the way he did?

“The situation was not him leaving team with three games to go. He went into management to bench a couple of starters that were causing problems and they told him he couldn’t do it,” Hall said. “He said was to have complete control but they said he couldn’t bench players they were paying big money. He told them then he would be not be back the next year and they said he was finished now. He was going to finish the year. He was not going to walk out. But they changed the locks on the door so he could not get back to the locker room. There was a lot more to that story.”

It is really interesting that Joe B would have this information and there is really no report of any of it ever happening by the Atlanta media, not to mention his own defensive coordinator bashing him to the media after he left. It is also interesting that Mike Summers used to coach with Petrino, who is Hall’s son-in-law, and will probably be looking for a job after the season.

Larry Vaught also says sources have said that Kentucky is now interested in the possibility of Petrino getting the job.

Sounds like the coaching search at Kentucky could really be getting interesting and even more interesting to see how the fan base continues to split on the possibility of Bobby Petrino being the next Kentucky Football coach.

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