Jennifer Lawrence is Louisville’s Newest Celebrity Super Fan



It looks like actress Jennifer Lawrence is Louisville’s newest L1C4 celebrity super fan:


Lawrence, who is well known for her role in The Hunger Games and more, is a Louisville native.

Such a waste…


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About the Author

Anthony Wireman
Owns and operates and contributes frequently to Nation of Blue.
  • Martymar

    Dude, she’s from L’ville.

  • refncat

    i honestly don’t know. what doe’s L1C4 mean?

    • Timothy Wayne Ellis

      Unfortunately I can answer that it means “Lou 1st Cards 4ever” … seems pretty weak to me, but it is tough for any group to best #BBN!

  • Timothy Wayne Ellis

    I really like how Jennifer Lawrence conducts most of her business; to be considered a celebrity superfan, doesn’t she have to actually buy and use game tickets? I mean, that is how Ashley Judd earned her status for UK…

    • Sherry Gardner Ford

      She’s afraid of the BBN….that’s a status she can’t handle.

  • David Sprague

    This made me physically sick. I love Jennifer Lawrence. She is a great actress and is very funny. She is gorgeous. She has great humility. She has a super personality. All I have read and heard about her show her as a very nice girl-very much the “the girl next door”. Did I say she was beautiful! There is still hope! She is very young and her home state is Kentucky. Her costar needs to point out a few minor character flaws with their coach. If she is an active, committed fan I can only say my love of the Big Blue is deeper than my adoration of her. Maybe we cannot have Jennifer Lawrence but at least we can see where she is not perfect.