James Young Posted His UK Acceptance Letter “For the Haters”

Last July, the eligibility of the Harrison Twins and James Young were being questioned.

Looks like James Young has the answer, he posted the photo below on his Instagram dedicated to haters.

For the haters;) by @only_1jy

Here’s the original photo posted (now removed).
BSIDwlmCMAAV-9R.jpg large

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  1. Ronnie Hickman

    Glad that Young is eligible. now lets get the harrison’s eligible so the haters can quit hating

  2. The Hater’s are scared to death of UK Basketball.

  3. I haven’t been following the eligibility of these three athletes because I’m really not worried about any of them being eligible as this seems to be a reoccurring them for several freshman across the country. That being said, this letter states that he has been accepted to the University, but does it state that he is eligible? According to the second to last paragraph, his high school transcript needs to be sent in, so if he has not met academic standards or has not graduated, he would not be eligible. Like I said, I’m not worried, but it seemed funny that he posted this even though it doesn’t seem to prove him eligible.

    • Clearly, you have never been accepted to a college or university before. It says that on all acceptance letters, to everyone who has been accepted somewhere.

      • I think you missed my point (actually, you supported my thoughts without realizing it). I agree that this is a general acceptance letter. Since we agree on that, how does that prove that he is eligible? Many student are accepted into college well before they graduate high school (as was the case for Mr. Young), but many things can occur between the time of acceptance and starting classes at the university (poor grades, not graduating, etc.). Posting an acceptance letter does not prove eligibility which seems to defeat his purpose of posting for “the haters”.
        Also, “clearly, you have never been accepted to a college or university”? Why so angry?

  4. Part of being accepted is to do with your grades, has nothing to do with his basketball acceptance. So for (wells 32) keep on not worrying. All three Kids will be in town within a week. GO BIG BLUE

  5. This was sent before he even graduated HS. Read it morons. None of you fools even went to college and that is part of the reason people can’t stand UK fans. They don’t know facts and talk out of their ass. Nothing more.

    • The letter is dated August 13, 2013… He graduated in June…

    • It’s a good damn thing we don’t have your smart ass as a Kentucky fan knowing absolutely nothing thinking you know it all. And if it would have been before graduation stupid they know before you graduate whether you will or not. Maybe it’s you that didn’t even make it through high school not even knowing that dumbass. BBN OWNS YOU YA YOU. ILF#9

    • Why Can’t Johnny Read??? (or in this case Jackie)

      Look at the August 13, 2013 date on the letter. For those of us who did go to college and who also know a thing or two about NCAA basketball, starting two years ago, for the Top 10 rated high school recruits, the NCAA executes a “high scrutiny” check of their high school transcripts, progress reports, standardized test scores, trends in their grades (i.e. went from D to A would perhaps be suspicious), etc. It’s a process they now go through that takes way longer than it should and it often impacts the players ability to enroll for the summer session and get some valuable work in with their new teammates.

    • I realize that I’m late to the party but I still want to add a response to Jacko. ‘None of you fools even went to college and that is part of the reason people can’t stand UK fans.’ Really? So the reason that the UK fan base is hated so much is due to the fact that none of us, according to you, went to college. Right? But this is not the only intelligent statement you make. You follow that up with the belief that another reason we’re so hated is because we don’t ‘know facts. Well Jacko, here’s some facts that we do know: We have the best recruiter, the best coach, best basketball program, most wins, best Midnight madness, best fan base, lead the country in total attendance for the eighth straight season and the 17th time in the last 18 years, (OK, there was that one year when Syracuse lead in attendance, but they do, after all, play in the 49,262-seat Carrier Dome, configured to 33,000 seats for basketball, and they did this for only 1 year?), etc., etc., etc. These are some facts that UK fans are aware of and these are the reasons that we are the way we are. And these my friend, are the real reasons that UK basketball and it’s fans are so hated. So continue to hate us. We certainly don’t mind. Just know the real reasons why you do so.

  6. Roger Pennington

    James Welcome to UK Basketball you will do great. Be Blessed