Indiana Writer says Kentucky Avoided Fourth Loss by Ending Indiana Series

An article titled Kentucky Basketball – John Calipari Saves Job with Win Against Samford caught my eye while I was searching through google and Kent Sterling had some interesting things to say about John Calipari and this year’s Kentucky team.

The bullets are flying in Lexington, and college basketball’s artful dodger sidestepped one tonight as the Wildcats came to the rescue of their embattled coach by beating back a challenge from a Samford squad that came to Lexington ready for battle.

Calipari is struggling this season with three losses against Notre Dame, Duke, and Baylor. He avoided a fourth loss by refusing to continue the home and home series against Indiana just as the Hoosiers became dangerous – actually a year after becoming dangerous enough to beat Kentucky.

Samson was actually anything but ready. Down at the half 45-14, Samford had a miserable time in front of 21,221, and Calipari is in no danger today of losing his job. As long as wins are the barometer for success, Cal will be at Kentucky until he gets bored coaching his starters one year at a time.

Sterling, a self professed hater of all things Kentucky, needs to sit down and re-evaluate his life.

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