Indiana Writer says Kentucky Avoided Fourth Loss by Ending Indiana Series


An article titled Kentucky Basketball – John Calipari Saves Job with Win Against Samford caught my eye while I was searching through google and Kent Sterling had some interesting things to say about John Calipari and this year’s Kentucky team.

The bullets are flying in Lexington, and college basketball’s artful dodger sidestepped one tonight as the Wildcats came to the rescue of their embattled coach by beating back a challenge from a Samford squad that came to Lexington ready for battle.

Calipari is struggling this season with three losses against Notre Dame, Duke, and Baylor. He avoided a fourth loss by refusing to continue the home and home series against Indiana just as the Hoosiers became dangerous – actually a year after becoming dangerous enough to beat Kentucky.

Samson was actually anything but ready. Down at the half 45-14, Samford had a miserable time in front of 21,221, and Calipari is in no danger today of losing his job. As long as wins are the barometer for success, Cal will be at Kentucky until he gets bored coaching his starters one year at a time.

Sterling, a self professed hater of all things Kentucky, needs to sit down and re-evaluate his life.

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About the Author

Scott Anderson
I love covering the Kentucky Wildcats and even though I can't cheer on the outside when I go to games now, I am definitely cheering on the inside. You can follow me at @SAndersonNOB on twitter.
  • John Jones

    Came to the rescue of their embattled coach???? Seriously??? TY for the laugh.

  • Guest

    he also needs proof read his article, Samson?

  • Guest

    He also needs to proof read his article, Samson?

  • kris searcy

    Is this a joke? Embattled coach? Cal saved the UK basketball program from the wreckage left by Billy G. Sterling obviously hasn’t seen Cal’s resume’. Let’s see… 1st year on the job, Elite 8. 2nd year, Final 4. 3rd year, National Championship. After three losses, he’s suddenly embattled? Sterling is nuts! I know it must tough to be an IU fan (1987!), but seriously? Big Blue Nation LOVES Coach Cal, three losses and all.

  • Jonathan Estep

    Lol . Typical IU writer knows nothing about basketball

  • Username__already__exists

    I love the smell of jealousy in the morning. It smells like – victory!

  • KyDave01

    Sterling must have spent too much time on Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail sampling everything in sight. “Embattled” Coach Cal just won the NCAA 8 months ago! They lost at IU last year in their first road game on a last second 3-pointer in a game filled with questionable officiating. We lost our first home game under Cal last weekend to Baylor after losing at Notre Dame. I guess Rupp’s 10 year home winning streak is safe for now. I didn’t see anybody marching around here in Lexington calling for his head. Are we as strong as last year..Well No. After going Elite 8, Final 4, NCAA Champ, and possibly the best recruited class EVER for next year(already 3 top 8 players, and in the hunt for 2 more) I think Cal won’t be needing to put his house on the market any time soon! We will be strong team by March. I do wish we still played IU. Maybe we will in tourney.

  • Michael Fallo

    Sterling, you sir are a joke, however, your tears do taste delicious!!! Keep kissing Loosier butt!!

  • ukoverall

    I guess Sterling remembered the regular season win by IU and conveniently forgot the beating IU got in the NCAA tournament. If I remember correctly, UK’s “embattled” coach of defending National Champion UK laid 105 points on his beloved Loosiers.

  • plcc07777

    I read the Sterling article also…what a waste of time. My guess is that the writer is an undergrad journalism wannabe at some community college in Indiana.

  • Thoughtless

    The highest paid coach in college basketball, just coming off a national title, saves his job by beating Samford……. I think not, who the hell would get rid of someone with his track record and really anybody surprised with UK’s losses to teams with 4x more experience isn’t a fan in the first place. All Cal said before the season started was ” we’re not who we were last year” and “In all reality we could easily be 0-2 to start the season.” Anyone who showed up to Kentucky basketball this year expecting us to go undefeated are oblivious to what’s going on around them and how college basketball works.

  • Tod Barnes

    Sterling meant Indiana “Got Lucky” and beat Kentucky at the buzzer and then the Hoosiers saw themselves get dusted by the Cats when it really mattered. If Sterling had any clout before he has just lost it all. Just like his Hoosiers lol.

  • Bruce Beasley

    What is this guy smoking? Waste of my time even reading this. Well I did get a laugh or two.

  • Bruce Beasley

    Lay off huffing glue dude, that stuff has warped your brain.

  • $23313105

    I am a Ky fan. But I have to admit we are wide open to the charge. There was no believable other excuse for ending a great rivalry series.


      What excuse? Cal offered to play in Indianapolis, Iwho said “no”. OK THEN, we won’t play. End of story.


    Is this the same writer that wrote another article whining and crying about UK and Calipari? Well, it’s one way for people to read his articles…write about UK.

  • ATLCatFanForever

    Or maybe IU avoided their second loss by not playing UK.