How Much Concern is the Point Guard Situation at Kentucky?

The position that has been the key to John Calipari’s success has been at the talent at the point guard position.

You know the names, and I guess knowing that Wall, Knight, and Teague have been so successful, many Kentucky fans have taken for granted that Cal would replace the departed for the chosen one every season.

This season is looking a little different.

In the USA Today mailbag, Eric Prisbell and Nicole Auerbach give their opinions on the point guard situation at Kentucky.

Could PG Jarred Polson be a long term answer for Calipari?

Prisbell: Honestly, it doesn’t quite keep me up at night, but I am concerned about Kentucky’s point guard situation. I’m not sure Harrow is the difference maker either, at least not yet. I’ve asked Calipari about the communication on the court among players, and that remains a work in progress. I think one of the unsung story lines from last season was how uneven the play of Teague was and yet the team stormed to a championship. That was a credit to the overall talent on the squad. This year they need a point guard to kind of start the engine, if you will, and I have some questions about this early on. Playing point guard at Kentucky is now like playing quarterback at Notre Dame used to be or some better analogy that maybe Nicole can think of. Bottom line: Big shoes to fill every year, unfair expectations, probably a story we should address down the road.

Auerbach: Kentucky’s point guard situation gained a lot of attention Tuesday in Atlanta. Calipari compared Archie Goodwin’s first game at the point to his early experiences with Tyreke Evans. Does that mean Cal wants to see Goodwin stay at the point? Or hope that Ryan Harrow gets healthy quickly (flu-like illness…could it be mono?)? There are so many questions there, and as Eric said, the talent on last year’s squad made up for whatever weaknesses anyone, including the team’s point guard, had. This year, that may not be the case. As we saw Tuesday, these freshmen need to get better and grow together as a team. That’s hard without a point guard so the ‘Cats are going to need to figure this out soon. Harrow’s illness — and the uncertainty surrounding it — makes that extremely difficult.

It sounded like to me today that John Calipari is perfectly fine having Archie Goodwin at point guard.

I have heard from a source around the program that Goodwin has been intimidating Harrow on the practice floor and basically Archie has gotten the best of him on most head to head match-ups.

Does Ryan Harrow have the grittiness to be the point guard for John Calipari, and more importantly, can he handle the way Cal coaches him? Or, will he be better off at the two, seeing that he gets healthy soon.

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