Harrison Twins will Wait till Spring to Sign with Kentucky

Even though Aaron and Andrew Harrison have committed to kentucky, they have decided to wait until the Spring signing period.

The Harrison Twins of course know people will try to make something out of this decision.

Aaron Harrison knows there’s a very real possibility that people “will read too much” into the fact that he and his twin brother, Andrew, are going to wait and sign with Kentucky during the NCAA’s late signing period in April.

“People will probably run with that, but it doesn’t mean anything,” said Aaron, a senior shooting guard at Travis (Richmond, Texas) who, along with Andrew, is a consensus top five player in the country. “We’re just making sure everything stays the same with coaching and things like that. Just a precaution I’d say. We won’t be changing our minds though. Not going through that again.”

The last thing I want to hear about is a rumor about John Calipari leaving for the NBA, but I am sure this will add to that.

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