Harrison twins, “most likely to be bust” in 2013

harrison twins

Jeff Bordello of CBS Sports polled about 30 coaches and scouts to find out who among the 2013 players will not live to the expectations. From the top 11: Wiggins, Jabari Parker, Julius Randle, Andrew Harrison, Aaron Harrison, Aaron Gordon, Noah Vonleh, Kasey Hill, James Young, Chris Walker and Dakari Johnson, who will most likely to bust?

Here are the top 3 answers from the poll:

1. Chris Walker, Florida
2. Noah Vonleh, Indiana
3. Andrew Harrison and Aaron Harrison, Kentucky

harrison twins

The twins are unbelievably talented and are two of the most unstoppable players in the class — but they have developed a reputation among scouts and coaches as being selfish and too attached to one another to be effective with other talents surrounding them. Other elite players have indicated to coaches that they aren’t sold on playing in the same backcourt with the Harrison twins. They need the ball in their hands — how will they do when they aren’t getting shots? “One of them is going to be just a guy,” one coach said. “They can’t stay being the way they are.”

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  • Dave Morgan

    Cal will have a fit if that’s the case. If they don’t buy in to the system, they won’t be playing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/scott.campbell.1420 Scott Campbell

    Guess we will see about that. They won’t be saying that when UK is bringing home another title!

  • Jarred Davis

    Somehow I see this “poll” being very bias to Kentucky and Indiana as it seems

  • Joseph Charles

    I find it hard that they both would toss a chance at the NBA away for selfish reasons. After about 4 weeks of practicing and early games, they will either play well with others, or be benched. Look what Cal did to Orton and Lamb. Lamb improved in his second year, but was benched when not showing the growth needed to play. Cal will, as he has shown, pic a lower talented player to play TEAM ball over a more talented selfish player. So they will learn or sit…

    • dmerit

      Tell that to Archie Goodwin

      • http://www.facebook.com/DerrickAnderson81 Derrick Logan Anderson

        Amen Dave!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jbird211 Jason Burnett

    Seems funny, cause they asked Randle if he could play with ANYBODY he wanted next yr, who would it be. He said “umm, that’s a hard one, umm Andrew”… The reporter said “Andrew Wiggins, great talent”, Randle said “No, Harrison, Andrew Harrison”. So this seems like a lie to me.

  • Tanya Murrah

    Since when could anyone ever predict how a kid was going to turn out? Geez!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jbird211 Jason Burnett

    Plus, Walker is going to Fla, not Ind.

  • Todd

    Chris Walker is a Florida commit anyway…Just another reason to question the validity of this “poll”.

  • jonnyboy

    jeff bordello just lost a ton of credibility if u ask me…andrew is a pass first PG, so his reasoning on Andrew’s part make no sense. Aaron is a scoring guard, that can light it up, sometimes those guys need to be more selfish, but after watching the twins and Travis High come back and beat Aaron Gordon and Archbishop Mitty on ESPN, with Andrew playing at about 60% at best with a pulled hamstring. Aaron took over the ball handling duties of his brother, and made tons of plays for his teammates…Aaron could easily be the backup-PG at UK next year, when he is playing the PG spot, he reminds me alot of Kyrie Irving, a PG with more finesse, and ability to maneuver his body through traffic than his slightly bigger brother, who is a bruiser, who initiates and finishes through contact at will when he is looking to score, alot like a bigger, better decision making, albeit a little less athletic, Russell Westbrook

  • Yvette Frank

    The Harrison twins will be fine! Most kids come to college selfish. Coach Cal will work with them on that! GO CATS!!!!

  • Wes Stafford

    You have to remember that when this pair were recruited… several coaches passed on them because of the interview process with them one on one and all of the rumors. Calipari will take anyone with talent regardless of the luggage (i.e. Cousins) and hope to develop it.

  • Hindsight 20/20

    In other news, the 30 coaches and scouts polled for this survey apparently don’t know shit about basketball