Harrison Twins and James Young Still Not Ruled Academically Eligible

harrison twins

harrison twins

Jerry Meyer of 24/7 Sports recently tweeted this little bit of information about the eligibility of the Harrison Twins and James Young.

The University of Kentucky states they expect all of the signees for 2013 to be on campus for fall classes.

Nerlens Noel didn’t get cleared until late last year and was on campus before school had started.

It is just me, or does it seem like this happens every year?

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Scott Anderson
I love covering the Kentucky Wildcats and even though I can't cheer on the outside when I go to games now, I am definitely cheering on the inside. You can follow me at @SAndersonNOB on twitter.
  • Dale Martin

    I’m sure that many teams and fans around the country (no one as much as loserville fans hope they never get cleared, it’s their only chance of beating Big Blue

  • Jim Marshall

    lot of coaches silently praying they cant clear.even without them wildcats still formidable.

  • NYC UK Alum

    Just to clarify, this is now becoming an annual exercise for the NCAA when it comes to the top (i.e. high profile) recruits. The recruits have such an impact on the school/team they go to, so in order to not have any issues, the NCAA now goes through a very painstaking process of verifying transcripts, individual course grades, they look at trends in academic performance (i.e. someone is failing all year and then “aces” the final and passes the course. Or showing signs of marked improvement in a subject area (i.e. got a “C” for three years in math and then you all of a sudden get an “A” your senior year).

    In summary, the NCAA goes over their transcripts, academic progress, and look for inconsistencies or potential “red flags”. As the money and pressure of NCAA basketball increases, I suspect so will the NCAA scrutiny

    • Adonis

      Julius Randle is the highest-rated recruit on the team, and he didn’t struggle with eligiblity. Recruit rankings don’t explain why they’re not eligible.

  • Garnie Haynes

    I could care less if UK’s recruits get cleared. I actually hope they do so that we don’t have to listen to excuses for the rest of the year for why they couldn’t win, and we beat you last year, NATIONAL CHAMPS, remember. Good luck on getting your all’s players eligible every year. It’s not been a problem here.

    • Dale Martin

      One out of last 5 and you win by 3 in the chicken bucket. Loserville fans are the biggest idiots in sports. We win in 2012, beat you twice (once in final 4) but you soon forget.

    • Steve Drake

      Terry Rozier was declared academically ineligible and had to go back to high school for a year. Kevin Ware was also ineligible for the first semester his freshmen year, but yeah you’re right that’s never an issue. Glad you follow your team so well.

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