Former Louisville Player on NCAA Violations: We haven’t done anything wrong

Former Louisville player Luke Hancock spoke briefly to the media this weekend about the ongoing NCAA investigation at his former school and the possibility of losing the team’s 2013 national championship.

Hancock contends that he and his teammates did nothing wrong.

When asked about potentially losing the title, Hancock said, “nobody’s going to take anything from me.

Here is an excerpt of Hancock’s comments:

“It’s not really frustrating; nobody’s going to take anything away from me,” said Hancock, who spoke to the Courier-Journal about the potential sanctions while running a basketball clinic Saturday in Louisville. “I played at the Georgia Dome in front of a lot of people for those two Final Four games. The score says what it says. Louisville won a national championship in 2013.”

Hancock didn’t seem to feel the state of distress shared by many Louisville fans after it was revealed the NCAA could vacate U of L’s 2013 national title as part of a series of sanctions stemming from the U of L basketball infractions case.

“I’ve played in a lot of basketball games. I haven’t done anything wrong, my teammates haven’t done anything wrong,” Hancock said. “I don’t have very much to say about it.”

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