Former Indiana Assistant and Current Samford Head Coach Ben Seltzer Thinks Kentucky is Not That Good

Kentucky Men’s Basketball
Kentucky vs. Samford
Post Game Quotes
Rupp Arena – Lexington, Ky.
Dec. 4, 2012

Transcript from the University of Kentucky

Samford Head Coach Ben Seltzer

Opening Statement …
“I never envisioned my team coming out and playing like they did in the first half. I thought we were spooked from the very beginning. Once you get down by 30 you get settled in. We played a lot better in the second half.”

On his comment about this Kentucky team…
“I said they are not that good. I said a lot about this team, but it was all for motivation. I said they are human just like you. There is no need to go out there and be afraid. There are 24,000 people in the stands and not one of them can play defense so relax. So yes, it was all for motivation. Their still not as good as some of their other teams.”

On what he did differently in the second half…
“It was them. We tried to run the same things. Instead of throwing it to the guys in the white jerseys, throw it to the guys in the blue jerseys. We only turned the ball over three times in the second half. You take care of the basketball and you rebound, and get back on defense, you have a chance to win. Those have been our keys this season.”

On Coach Cal’s comment about Kentucky being out of shape…
“They didn’t seem tired to me. I heard some of his comments while I was standing back there. In terms of my team, I can’t wait for this time after finals. We need to get in better shape as well. I heard him talk about Camp Cal, well Coach Seltzer is going to have a training camp of his own during that time. I can’t wait for that time. That’s when we are going to get better. We played a lot of games over the past few days so it’s hard to get your conditioning and development in. So we will have a chance to do that in the next couple of weeks once school is out.”

On comparisons between this Kentucky team and previous teams under Coach Cal …
“There is no John Wall, there is no Eric Bledsoe, there is no DeMarcus Cousins. Those guys were high, high level, not to say these guys aren’t very good. I don’t want you to take this out of context, I was talking to my team. I know we are here in ‘Wildcat Nation’ and everybody loves Kentucky, I understand that, I was just motivating my team. This wasn’t a sense of ‘this team can’t play’ or ‘this is the worst Kentucky team ever’ this had nothing to do with Kentucky to be quite honest with you. I was just trying to motivate my team. I guess being a new coach I have to be careful with all these ears around, especially when you play here at Kentucky. They are a good team. They are a very good basketball team. Quote me on that.”

On if it is frustrating his team plays better in the second half…
“How difficult is it to play hard when you are down 30? There is not a whole lot of pressure in that so shots seem to go in and we start to take care of the basketball. There is no pressure in that; we were just trying to stay within 50. Our guys played a lot better simply because there is not a lot of pressure in the second half. I would love for our guys to come in the first half and play that way, but Kentucky has something to do with that.”

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