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Final Thoughts on Big Blue Madness 2012

Big Blue Madness



Another Big Blue Madness is in the books, and what an impressive show it was. Tonight we got to see our first look at the next generation of Wildcats as they gear up to defend their national championship. So let’s look back on what was sure to be one of the most impressive Big Blue Madnesses yet.

*Hammer pants. That’s all I can say. Hammer. Pants. Coach Mitchell keeps finding ways to one-up himself every year. How in the world is he going to top himself next year? An all-UK Legend rendition of West Side Story?

*Speaking of dancing, do we need to go ahead and start an “Archie Goodwin Dance” craze? The dude’s got rhythym.

*There’s been a ton of talk about Nerlens Noel and his high-top fade (or flat top, depending on your preferred nomenclature), but Ryan Harrow may end up nudging him out of the “Best Hair” category in the yearbook with a high-top fade of his own. I guess we’ll have to stay tuned in to see which fade (flat top, whatever) will win out in the end.

*Having the former UK legends come out and re-raise the championship banners was a nice touch. This again is one of Coach Cal’s strengths, being a goodwill ambassador to all the generations of Kentucky talent. Wah Wah Jones deservedly got the biggest reaction of the night, and deservedly so. I can honestly say I don’t remember seeing him at many UK games or functions, if any.

*That effect they did with the floor, where they more or less turned it into a giant big screen was out of this world. Really, that was great, and it could have easily been the highlight of the night for me. It just goes to show how seriously we take our Madness here in Bluegrass country, sparing no expense to put on a spectacular show. Hey, you know what? Maybe Louisville can use that floor projector thingy to pretend they won a championship last year! Hehehehe….

*Twany Beckham sat out the scrimmage with a back injury, and is officially listed as day-to-day. It’s a shame he didn’t get to participate, I like Twany. He needed to participate though, to try to justify those two votes in the Nation of Blue Top 50 UK Players of All Time poll.

*As we know, not a lot of defese is played in these scrimmages, and I understand that completely. But c’mon guys, could you at least try to play a little?

*I think the biggest star to come out of this year’s scrimmage was Kyle Wiltjer, who seemed to be able to do it all out there. He shot, he drove, he played well inside. I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do this coming season.

*Also, was it just me or did Jarrod “Justin Bieber’s Little Brother” Polson look pretty good out there tonight? I know it was just an inter-team scrimmage and no one was even thinking about playing D, but he looked competent out there for stretches, making decent passes and making some buckets. I wonder if Polson can finally work his way into the rotation? It looked like early last season he was gearing towards breaking in, but ended up losing those minutes when Twany Beckham became eligible for the second semester.

*All in all, everyone looked pretty good. Noel has an impressive looking game that should please Cat fans all season long. Mays has a nice looking jumper that could go a long way towards filling the shooter role vacated by Doron Lamb last season. No glaring weaknesses thus far, save for maybe getting better at free throws. I may have miscounted, but I think they were 1-4 from the stripe. This may have been a scrimmage, but let’s hope they were just slacking off and this wasn’t indicative of their free throw shooting ability.



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