Fans React to Willie Cauley-Stein’s Tweet


Willie Cauley-Stein sent out a tweet, causing a stir with fans (and maybe non-fans too) and is still going…



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  • Angela Baker

    I support the cats and the players no matter what..BORN A CATS FAN!!!

  • Bryan E Baber

    I think all 3 of you guys aren’t ready for the league. I love the effort you and Archie give. Alex disappears. We can all see his talent, but it just seems he he doesn’t have much of a motor.

  • Bobbolo

    They “one” a national title? You better go because you won’t make it through college with that kind of spelling!!

    • Tom Wilson

      Hey wait a minute, stop putting unnecessary pressure on the boy. I mean don’t y’all remember when we had the twin towers 30 years ago. Sam asked Melvin an answer to a question on a test…”Ole McDonald had a _______?” Melvin said “Oh Boy don’t you know nothing?, Ole McDonald Had a farm. Farm is the answer.” Sam said, “How do you spell farm?” Melvin said “Man you are dumb. Farm is spelled E I E I O.” This is intended to be a joke, We all have our moments, Lets stay behind the team and the coaches no matter what, That means even during a year like this. And in the end, whether it is one or won it don’t matter. The boy will have enough money to pay someone to talk for him, so let it go. Go Cats.

    • Eric Humphrey

      that is not right of you sir

    • Grendel007

      Unless it was a very clever visual pun on the fact that they “won” a national title and were “one” and done. Long odds, but maybe…



    • satcheluk

      Miller, Lamb and Jones all spent time in the D league.

  • Tara Crabtree Page

    Um i think you mean they WON. A national title!

  • Will Schultz

    Is he staying or going? I think he’s going…

    • Bruce Beasley

      If they don’t want to be here go.. we don’t want anyone that doesn’t want to be here

  • Dustin Finley


    • Jimmi L Hardin

      If you think WCS has no skill and wouldn’t have seen the floor other then Noel injury then I dobt you watch a Kentucky game this year and definitely not a real fan….. I don’t post or respond on these things but pure ignorance as this needs to be put in check…..

    • Joy Harris

      I sure hope that isn’t a UK cap you are wearing..because you are a weak and overrated fan..(in other words no fan at all)

    • BleedsBlue365

      you speak with the the educational presence of a 3rd grader. You need to go to back to school Now and leave remarks to those who can actually use their brain. You are not a Kentucky fan..go root for loserville

    • satcheluk

      Tard troll alert!!

  • Matthew Coner

    I must admit willy I liked you an defended you in crap talking conversations about Kentucky but this is pure crap for you to be saying!! I hope no one but Nerlons goes to the draft!!

  • Shannon

    I won’t be dissappointed to see this group leave. They don’t have any love for the jersey they wear.

    • Trudatmofo

      How dare you try to speak for them!!!

      • catdaddy

        These guys did not perform the way we wanted them to.They performed the way most true freshmen do and thats inconsistent.Willie you are a heck of a player and so is archie and alex you just need to develop your game.Come back have the chance to win a title and prove me right because me and the true blue fans believe in all 3 of you.Some people forget that they are kids becoming young men that takes time in life and on the ballcourt.Willie i hope you read this because true blue fans really do want you to come back .We will need the expierience you gained from this year and the spring and summer for next year.take everything that is being said by so called fans and by our rivals and next season you will laugh at how quickly they jump back on the bandwagon.From a real cats fan start working guys cause next season is now. If you do choose to go thank you for choosing UK.This post was for all returning cats players.

  • matt b barber

    your n.b.a. ready cauley stein . you hang on rem to long n foul everytime in fastpace game. 4yrs in college you’ll make better money than a d leaguer

  • Joy Harris

    People need to lay off these guys and remember they are 18-19 year old “KIDS”trying to make a decision that will affect them for the rest of their life..

    • David

      You are right they are 18-19 year old kids that will soon be millionaires, but I don’t see people taking up for them then. Did you see Anthony Davis make dumb tweets like this? How about MKG? No you didn’t because they were more mature and respected the uniform they wore unlike these selfish kids.

      • Joy Harris

        A lot of that has to do with their home life..whether they have parents, or even one strong parent (in the case of MKG) to guide them. Davis seems very lucky he had 2 parents very interested and helping him with the difficult decisions….MKG had a single parent but she was very much involved..Others not so much…If you were to read the back stories you may find out what makes some of these kids tick..You know there is a whole lot more to them than just the ability to play basketball..They are human beings first and basketball players somewhere down the line..Sometimes fans tend to forget they have feelings..You are right they will be 18-19-20 year old millionaires…some will handle that well, others will not..You hear abt those all the time..Just leave them alone to make their decisions..

    • Jeff Ryder

      When many of these kids are going to be in the NBA the next year they deserve much higher expectations from the fans. This year’s team was no different. If they were going to be around 3 or 4 years I think the fans would accept this year much better. But that’s not the reality. If a player is good enough to go to the NBA next season he deserves to be treated like a senior this season, not a freshman. I don’t care how old he is. If he can’t take the heat then use another college as the stepping stone. I have no sympathy for a kid that is going to be a millionaire next year, or soon thereafter. I think Coach will eventually move away from signing the 7 or 8 best players in the country every year. Go for the top 4 and then get 15,18 and 30 who might stick around 3 or 4 years and provide ongoing stability for the team. If Cal is around for a while he’s gonna win more than a few championships. When Pitino was here he would recruit kids that could play together and it paid off almost every year. That’s what that damned Duke coach does too. Signing 1 through 6 doesn’t guarantee that every year. It’s still a learning experience for Cal.

      • Sammy Castle

        If they could get the top 6, they’d be grinning from ear to ear every season. Cal is a better recruiter!

  • Emilie Sams


  • UKGR8

    I NEVER heard any of the players this year say they were going to take the title this year. This was pressure put on them from the very beginning. During the ESPN special on UK this summer, it was plain to see (and Coach said it many times) this was a very different team and the expectations should NOT be the same as last year. I think the guys played to their abilities. Sometimes the chemistry just doesn’t work. It obviously didn’t work this year. There were issues, it was plain to see. Now I think that the players should hold their heads up – stop listening to the haters and stay and be ready to learn, practice and throw successful free throws or move on and be happy in their decisions. I am a UK fan always – not just during the winning years. It’s a family tradition handed down for generations and I’ve carried it on to my son. Willie – just do you and forget about everyone else.

    • c8100

      “Just do you and forget about everyone else”…… Yes, the world would be a much better place if everyone listened to your words of poo

    • Akohen

      Forget about expecting them to win another championship. Expecting them to get into NCAA tournament, or NOT TO LOSE to lowest seed NIT team is fair, no? Don’t give these lazy, uninspired players any undeserved slack.

  • taylornky

    I really don’t have a problem with what he said. For it goes to show that they were not ready for prime time, ‘ The “NBA”. And they weren’t first year players that moved on. When ‘WCS’ came to UK Coach Cal said he would be there for 2 or 3 years. So he along with Archie and Alex needs to look back at the lack luster talent they played against in the SEC and ask themself is he anywhere ready to make the jump? .

  • taylornky

    Maybe their concern is more to do with their own playing with the bunch that is coming into UK next season. So they are thinking about taking a shoot at the NBA now before they might get lost in mix next year!

  • GS

    It is sad that some of these “fans” have nothing better to do than stalk our bball players and jump at every opportunity to ridicule them in some weak effort to prove they are some kind of “super UK fan”. For all those who hide behind their Twitter accounts and trash talk and ridicule our players, please go jump off of a bridge. You are the kind of people that give real UK fans a bad reputation. Not to mention, you all are idiots.

  • Kathy Lundy Jones

    Always a Cat fan! Maybe we fans, (older ones,if that applies to anyone posting other than me), should step back and remember that these young men are barely that! They are 18 and 19 years old, so hardly capable of thinking like they will when they too are in their 40, 50 and 60’s. They are put under an inordinate about of pressure. Sure they were told about the fans, expectations, etc., but it is impossible for them to internalize that until they experience it. I know that all of BBN wishes them the best as they move through their young lives.

  • UK247

    I stopped watching UK for punks like this. I bleed blue but to not know what tradition you’re being apart of is a failure on your part. That WILDCAT jersey you wore this year apparently belonged to someone with heart not money on their mind. You’re young and making the wrong waves. But to go on the social media and stir up problems is on you and your lack of maturity and respect for your team, teammates and fans.

  • Guest

    They didn’t play for the name of the school they play for the name on the back witch mean they played for their self. W ITCH WAS BAD FOR U K

  • Brenda Parrish Swan

    They didn’t play for the name on front of the shirt. They played for the name on the back of the shirt. Which they played for their self and not as a team. See where it got them .No wheressssssssssssss.

  • Trudatmofo

    Anyone over 22 and out of college that is responding to Willie needs to check themselves pronto. A bunch of old people trying to say nasty stuff to this kid is embarrassing! Leave him alone!!!!

  • Stephanie D!

    A friend of mine wrote this on their Facebook page and it is all to fitting for this situation!

    Not that anyone asked my opinion, but I think that when the new players show up on campus this summer, in addition to “conditioning” they should be required to take a course entitled “Kentucky Basketball 101”. They should be required to watch film and read and talk to great players from the past until they know the identity of each and every person whose jersey hangs from the rafters! They should be taken on a road trip and listen to the fans who remember Cawood….the fans who will never be in Rupp Arena but who live and die with the Cats….the fans who grew up pulling up their socks and shooting free throws in their driveways just like Kyle Macy…..the fans who remember when Kentucky’s homegrown “Goose” was golden….the Kentuckians who plan their vacations, their weddings and even funerals around the UK basketball schedule. Maybe then these talented young players will understand what a privilege it is for them to be allowed to put on that Kentucky jersey. Maybe then they will understand the “heart” of Kentucky basketball. We are fortunate to have these players choose Kentucky for their college careers, however limited they may be. But what they need to understand is that they are a part of something much bigger than a stepping stone to the NBA. They are part of history…a part of a Commonwealth who will support and adore them forever….a part of the Big Blue Nation.

    • Akohen

      100% agree. “Understanding” Kentucky basketball is crucial. The UK uniform is not like any other uniform…The players must step up to challenge or get off the challenge. Most of this year’s team was embarrassment to the program. NBA or not, honor the tradition, meet the expectations, or don’t even come to UK.

  • Collin Dunn

    Willie archie and Alex are all great players leave them the fuck alone and let them make their decisions, me personally I would love to see them all stay at college and mature and win a title in the process

  • Debbie S. Banks

    Ok I gotta point out. They “ONE” a national title!, are we for real and can’t spell “Won” or are we just being silly! I hope we are just being silly. Have to also give a little advice you are not ready for NBA and need to step up if you want to advance your career. Being “Tall” is not enough!

  • Christel Ashcraft Atkinson

    I swear people need to realize that these are kids. KIDS! The pressure they had on their backs this year would have killed me. I love my Wildcats. Past, present and future and wish them all the very best of luck after taking that jerzy off. May God bless each of you and thanks for being apart of the BBN. As far as you haters…God doesn’t like ugly!

  • disqus_KkOeGliONE

    I’d be more bothered by the negative tweets to get Stein to retweet this. I was disappointed in the season, but I’m a fan, I want them to hang a banner every year, but I don’t blame the players, they are kid’s trying to adjust to a huge difference in exposure, system and try and figure out their future at the same time. We as fans know this one and done deal works sometimes and doesn’t work sometimes. I’m just glad we have coach Cal. who is the best at coaching these guys and hoping they come together. They may be the best players in the world, but 1 best can’t beat 5 so’so’s no matter how good they are.

  • B-Rowland

    I bleed blue no matter win or lose. Cauley-Stein do u man don’t worry bout what anybody else says, thinks,
    or feels. BBN all day.

  • Randy McFarland

    Come back to where the Big Blue WCS. It’s fun to watch you play with the heart and desire of a champion. Next year you can play a major part in helping Kentucky hoist its 9th national title.

  • Randy McFarland

    Come back and wear the Big Blue WCS. It was a tough year for all of us, but I enjoyed watching you player with the heart, hustle and desire of a champion. Please come back next year and help UK hoist championship trophy #9.

  • Bryan Mills

    Why does everyone care so much if they stay or go? If it were me, and I was offered an opportunity like that, theres no decision to it…. They can take care of their families and live a life that we can only dream of… This is the way it is in college basketball these days… Kentucky gets the players with the highest potential… If they changed the rule so they could jump from high school to the pros, we wouldnt even get them for 1 year. Ride the wave and shut up about it. If they are going, they are going, if they are staying they are staying…If you want to watch a player for four years root for Louisville and have 1 out of every 4 years be decent. (Had to hit Louisville before I sign off 😉 lol)

  • disqus_tLh5uI2kfL

    Last Guys Were Just As Young!! Listen Bottom Line Is They Thought It Was Gonna Be A Cake Walk!! This Is The UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY respect the history the culture and the jersey and consider it as a privilege tht you are wearing and thts one thing these boys didn’t do nor understand!!!

  • willville

    Hey willie cs if you read this I think you r a great talent and not that yiu can’t go pro. But stay one more year and please play for the football team I think we all would love to see that go WCS.

    • Steve McIntosh

      Errrrrrrm why would he risk injury playing football when his game is basketball?

  • Matt Taitt

    I think a lot of fans including myselfI would like to see these guys come back and be successful and develop.They aren’t going to want to come back if they keep getting treated like this. Remember you get more flies with honey than you do vinegar

  • Tim Foster

    I cannot believe our fans sit around and respond to the kids that play for UK.. WCS made a statement and said what was on his mind, geez let it be. I am sure he means nothing about it other than what he exactly said and he was right. I do think they would be better to return because Cal can help them better than any D league.

  • Robert Pickett

    Top 12- pick this year- Why wait for something that might not happen!! If you move up any at all even a year later, is the risk worth the reward!- Go young man!!

  • Gary Hornback

    Looks like there are a few out trolling Huh…….

  • Wj Comstock

    Okay I am usually one who just reads these comments to gain insight on what might be coming in the future. I am a huge UK Fan and I will always cheer for them with all my heart. When we did not make the NCAA tournament, I was disheartened and when we lost the first game of the NIT I was floored. However, I am more ashamed at reading what some of the UK “Fans” are saying. I think these “Fans” are trying to talk the players into staying because these “Fans” might be a little selfish. I am never going to tell a young player to go to the pros and likewise I will never tell them they should stay. I can never feel the pressures of the decisions they have to make. I will never be in their shoes, nor would I want to be. My opinion and all the BIG BLUE Faithful Fans opinions should mean nothing in helping these young men make a decision about their lives. Do I want to win another championship? Every year. Do I want to be selfish and tell a young man to turn down a million plus contract option so I can say my team has another championship? I would not be able to look myself in the mirror. Especially if that young man listened to me and stayed only to find out he suffered a season-, and possibly career-, ending injury. I say lay off these young men and let those who can guide them with integrity offer their advice. I say if any one of them decides to go, we send them off with BIG BLUE support and if they decide to stay, we cheer for them as loud as possible next season. GO BIG BLUE!!!!

  • Guest

    Leave those kids alone! Willie, Archie and Alex I hope you return. Don’t pay attention to some these fans. I am with you win or lose. Return next season for you selves!

    • heather

      i agree people just keep trashin talkin theses boys everyday an its not right at all theses boys done great all season long their still winners in our hearts

  • heather

    alright im kinda tired of seein people puttin down our boys they had a great season this year i think win or lose theses boys are winners in my heart i love my wildcats to death an they will always be my number one u people who love to trash talk about theses boys need to put ur butts out in a tourment an im sure u prob wouldnt last maybe 30 mins but come next year this whole team will be rockin it next year go big blue i love you willie arichie harrow mays an all u other wildcats :)

  • Yvette Frank

    Please leave these kids alone! I hope all 3 return next season for themselves! I am with the team win or lose. Too much was expected this season, no one could live up to that, with the entire starting line up and sixth man gone! Again leave those kids alone and let them complete the semester in peace! I can’t believe adults who claim to be fans of a team could be so mean and nasty to college kids! GO CATS!

  • Andrew King

    Hey Willie don’t worry about the ppl trash talking and acting stupid man they are just wanna be true blue fans. Bro you do what you feel is the best for your life and no matter what kind of hate comes your way man hang your head high and always remember that the real Big Blue Nation and family care. Hope you three do come back next year and develope cause I know you all have a lot of talent and can help us out next year. You all have went through a year and know what it is gonna be like and can help the new freshmen understand the kind of pressure and intensity they will go through at the greatest place anybody could ever play bball at. So just be you man and show all the haters wrong next year with a great comeback season.

  • Eric Humphrey

    I live in Kentucky and have been a UK fan all of my life. I have watched you and your team mates make great strides over the season. You are getting a lot of tweets from people so what makes me different. I am 26 years old, 6’4″ with a 6’11” wing span. I have dreamed of playing basketball and football all of my life, but that’s not going to happen because I am confined to a wheelchair instead I am a student of the game. I spend time analyzing the fine points that people miss. You are 7′ tall with the ability to move like a guard. You have nice touch and a good hook shot. You are a teenager and your body still needs to develope so that you can back a man down in the post in dominating fashion. Clean up your foot work and go up stronger to the glass with your shots. This is not ment to criticize you. I wish got had given me the same gifts. You are right about your team going through tough times this year and though I don’t understand what you went through I have been through very tough times myself. These things make you stronger as a person. I am privileged to know some important people in the basketball business. A former NBA player told me you only get one shot at the NBA and then it’s over as quick as it began. With all due respect I sincerely don’t think you are ready for the NBA this year. The D league is for developement, you’re right but few of them make it out. Don’t go to the NBA to prove you can play. I know you can. I just think it would be beneficial to you to come back one more year, develope your game to the next level and enter the NBA draft next year knowing that you can do more than play. You can show the world that Willie Cauley-Stein has arrived
    Best Wishes and continued success,
    Eric Humphrey my twitter is Miamifan6315

  • Dustbunnysafari

    Think of the talent you will go up against next in and out…and how much you will benefit from it as will they against the likes of you! Do us all a favor….Stay! I know the lure of the money will look good but I think you could get two…three times that amount with a National Championship on your resume! I also think you will see plenty of playing time!

  • ErnieJanet Cross

    PEOPLE if you think those guys didn’t try your wrong! things don’t go the way you want it to all the time! I am so sure we all are perfect ! LMAO So I am sure any of them could smoke you on the court ! Unless you ball like Jordan Give them a break and act like a TRUE BLUE FAN ! A true fan will be with them through the Good and the Bad times! So act like a real Fan or you can move to IU and let Tom crean pat your ass!!! REMEMBER WE ARE BIG BLUE !!!

  • Brandon L. Wolford

    Kentucky Basketball Sucks anyways Get over it Kentucky Fans your all on a downward spiral to the Bottom of the SEC! Go Buckeyes!

    • Christian Sandrock

      I believe this site is Nation of Blue not Buckeye Nation… are you lost?

      • Scotty Allen

        Because he wishes he had what BBN has but he never will. (GO CATS)

    • BleedsBlue365

      christian, he is here because the Buckeyes are posers and too boring to read about while Kentucky basketball news is Daily, Nationwide. WoooHooo, it’s great to be BLUE!

    • Scotty Allen

      Thats why we have 8 rings how many Ohio st. have?

    • satcheluk


  • Christian Sandrock

    Does anybody else see what this tweet really means?? Most people must not. All he’s trying to say is that even though good players went last year, Darius Miller, Doron Lamb, Marquis Teague, and even Terrence Jones spent time in the D-league this year. It’s funny how people react to this sort of thing.

  • Denolee Pressnell

    Willie, you guys have to take what these nut heads say with a grain of salt. You are class and intelligence, and with a point guard, you’ll have a great team next year. Please take the HIGH road. wishing u the best.

  • Norman Gunther

    I really don’t understand how you who have never played never coached and in a lot of cases have never been inside Rupp arena. You have all the advice on what others should or should not do or when to or not to do something. These players have a chance to go to the NBA and if they Go to the D league they will make more money then many of you will make in a life time. Is it not the main goal in life to be successful or to have a good paying job? I would be like them and look the situation over and finalize my decision on my own gut feeling and not base it on what a few inexperienced directors say. just saying, my own gut feeling is better for me than yours whether it pans out best or not.

  • Norman Gunther

    I understand that many of you who are critical are not UK fans. Go Cats! Go Cal!

  • plcc07777

    No offense intended toward WCS or any of the other players, I really don’t think you guys ever got a grasp on what it means to be a player for the Big Blue Nation. Yes, the pressure is tremendous, but that is part of preparing you for the next level. If you really want to be in the big time, tough it out. If not…I think you know. You are playing for the greatest basketball school of all time. You have an opportunity that very very few have ever had. Now, let’s see what you got.

  • Larry Clemons

    Can’t attack a Young Man for being Truthful….WCS’s perception and outlook is different than a Fan of BBn or an opponent, ” And Rightfully So “….He’s in the Mix, He’s fought the Battle ! And, Above all he is handling all the Critics with the same honesty he has ALL SEASON LONG, Period ! Why would we want him to be any different Now…

  • Larry Willis

    I love UK, love the team, love the players, love BBN. However, does it bother you guys that some of the posts here sound like they were written by first graders? No punctuation, no capitals, no logic, bad spelling, etc. As Kentuckians, we are already considered barefoot and ignorant. Don’t mean to offend anyone, but these ugly posts certainly do not help our image. As for WCS, follow your heart, big guy. Same goes for the others.

  • katfan

    Larry Willis: That is a problem with twitter. Restricted characters, so people have to get creative to get their message across. As far as the tweet from WCS goes, I support whatever decision he makes, but only Nerlens is ready for the NBA. Several others will probably be drafted, if they declare, but I am not sure it is in their best interest to do so. A trip to the “D” league is not the way to start a professional career. If they were seniors, maybe that would be their best option. Another year in college, for these freshmen, would serve them well. I hope they make a good decision based on facts, not dreams.

  • Grendel007

    Too bad he doesn’t seem to understand that it could be much worse…no one could care

  • Grant

    Wow! Willie is a young kid with great potential, but why smack on the national champs. I had hoped he would stay but if that is what he thinks of the heritage and honor represented by the Kentucky uniform… then I hope he goes on and makes room for players with heart and passion for the program. I love Jared Polson and Kyle Wiltjer… those guys play for the colors…

  • John Doyle

    WCS doesn’t owe Kentucky anything. He got a scholarship and Kentucky got the stands filled every game and made millions. Think he would have said anything had some fan not said something stupid first?

  • wayne a

    Willie Cauley-Stein and the bunch has a lot to prove! First they helped Ky’s record home winning streak come to an end,next they helped end the run of wins against arch rival Louisville then lose to Tenn by 30 points,another record.Ky just didn’t seem like they wanted it bad enough,there was lack of effort at times.Yes,I think they have a lot to prove and make up for.

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  • sweetgrlnkentucky

    If ANY of you think you can do any better than what these KIDS did, talk to Cal and see if he can sub you in! Until you walk in their shoes, hush and leave them be!

  • Derique Superfresh Cary

    Yes them tweeting that stuff was wrong but these are guys that might not want to go to class or quite frankly might not have liked their experience at Kentucky, I only want guys that want to be there to come back. I don’t want uncoachable guys again. I want guys that are gonna bring #9 to UK!

  • Guest

    Look, these are young kids. They had a rough start, and that’s all it was, a start!!! They are no where near being finished. Whose to say they won’t come back with a vengeance next season. Two faced fans make the Big Blue Nation look worse then a struggling team. You talk about respect for the Jersey but you attack the people who actually put the Jersey on and soak it with sweat at every practice and every game. Shut up and back your team or go cheer for a different team.

  • Jason Burnett

    They “won” a National Title… Get in the classroom and learn as well on the court… The players from last year(Davis and Gilly excluded), got the same treatment. Man up kid, y’all took it on the chin this year, close your mouth, and get it together… Smh

  • disqus_G9hjfZrMqt

    Pride and Passion fills us UK Fans. When I heard them play the first game against the Maryland Terrapins I told my dad that they wouldn’t have the record they did last year. I thought they would be going to the big dance. However, you can’t win them all. Look at Duke they have made it but they made early exits. Look at North Carolina. It seems like ever since Roy Williams was there they had to make adjustments over the years to get to where they were in the tournament this year. Also they never did win the NIT either. They are guys that couldn’t play as a team and couldn’t come together. I do believe though that the one bad seed that tried to shine over the rest is making the right decision in going and that is Archie. He either tried to do to much and then missed out on every opportunity to make things happen or just said forget it and done it all without including everyone else. That isn’t how a team works. Everyone could see this is a different team than the National Champs. However I am glad to see that Cauley-Stein and a few others are staying behind and playing. The team will rise to the top again and we will get our 9th championship. Get off of these guys backs they play to have fun and to win games so let them do that and not judge them. If they play like a team, as a team, and be a team then they will win as a team. Calipari has worked majic and last year it was a tough road but I can tell he can still recruit. I just wish Nerlins would’ve stayed one more year. Also this one and done is for the birds. I believe that two to 3 years before going is better. I am a serious UK fan for many years and I bleed blue. I have been there when they were on probration and Ill be there through thick and thin. Calipari you rock and I know that all true UK fans will still pack the house to watch the guys in Blue play. GO UK!