ESPN Says Referee John Higgins is Receiving Death Threats from UK Fans

According to ESPN, referee John Higgins has been receiving death threats from Kentucky fans in the aftermath of Sunday’s Elite Eight game between UK and North Carolina.

Here is an excerpt:

“You know, it’s amazing that we were in that game where they practically fouled out my team,” Calipari said. “Amazing that we had a chance.”

Kentucky fan websites and message boards identified Higgins as making incorrect calls against the Wildcats. Calipari’s statements, message board chatter and their own fury prompted some Kentucky fans to write false and damaging messages on the Facebook site of Higgins’ company, Rooferees, as reported by several outlets Tuesday.

But the nastiness went well beyond those posts, Sources said the phones at Higgins’ home and business have been “ringing off the hook” since the game, with angry Kentucky calling to complain and some even going so far as to make death threats.

That prompted a meeting with law enforcement.

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