ESPN Says Perfect College Basketball Team Would Have John Calipari Serving as Rick Pitino’s Assistant

According to ESPN’s Myron Medcalf, the perfect college basketball team would have Rick Pitino as a head coach and John Calipari serving as one of his assistants with John Beilein and Jay Wright.

Medcalf also picked 10 players for his team (none from Kentucky or Louisville).

Here’s an excerpt:

Head coach: Rick Pitino, Louisville Cardinals
Proved by his national title runs at Kentucky (1996) and Louisville (2013), Pitino can manage egos and build a variety of personalities into a motivated and competitive vessel. That’s what this group needs. Plus, you know he’ll lose his mind if these guys fail to defend. You need grit and resilience. That’s what Pitino preaches.

Assistant coach: John Calipari, Kentucky Wildcats
Yes, Calipari under Pitino. Could you imagine? We can. The two would comprise the perfect coaching combination. Pitino’s defensive strategy with Calipari’s fluid offensive approach would make this group a monster against any opposing all-star cast.

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