ESPN Gives Reasons for John Calipari to Stay and Go

Myron Medcalf of has decided to answer the age old question should John Calipari stay at Kentucky or go to the NBA.

He gives reasons to leave and to stay but ultimately thinks he should stay.

That is, unless something perfect comes along.

Should he leave?

The NBA is not an automatic destination for him.

Calipari, in the right situation, might want to run a team that features a collection of his former players. But the obstacles — contract situations, salary cap — could make the scenario impossible at the next level.

He has the best job in college basketball right now. He can win multiple titles before he retires. He runs the one-and-done era. Why leave?

Sure, a great NBA gig that would offer Calipari an opportunity to compete for a championship and earn an eight-figure check each year might entice him. And if that possibility emerges, who could blame Calipari if he decided to go to the NBA?

Only a handful of jobs in the NBA would present those desirable traits, though.

At Kentucky, he’s in a better position than most of the coaches in the NBA. And he knows it. The rumors will never stop. A perfect job, however, is the only gig that would encourage Calipari to leave Kentucky.

But he has a dream job now, one that’s worth maintaining until the end of his career.

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I really don’t see Cal leaving until one of two things happen: Brad graduates and/or he wins another championship.

That, or he decides to run for governor.

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