ESPN Analyst Dan Dakich says Calipari is Scared to Play Indiana in Assembly Hall

dan dakich4

dan dakich4

ESPN analyst Dan Dakich went on a twitter frenzy saying John Calipari is afraid to play Indiana in Assembly Hall.

Here are some tweets Dakich sent out a couple of days ago.

dan dakich

dan dakich2


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About the Author

Chad Pugh
I am a die hard Kentucky fan, and I love being able to cover UK sports. I've had season football tickets for 17 years. Follow me on twitter @ChadPugh_NOB.
  • derek

    Who is he? No one cares what he has to say Kentucky isn’t scared of any team in america

  • Norman Gunther

    It’s about money, and tickets for UK fans. UK plays in Assembly and is allowed 100 tickets. Cal wants to play IU but on neutral floors. UK is not afraid to play IU look at the record past.

  • Chris LeForge

    Hey Dakich.. we know once again.. recall why you are in the announcers booth… idiot

  • Chris LeForge

    He was a loser at Bowling Green… and only a blow hard in the announcers booth

  • Karma1965

    Dakich must be about to lose his job due to a severe lack of relevancy…don’t hit posts or tweets…how do you attract traffic when you’re irrelevant ? Pick a fight with someone with over 1,000,000 followers, which 1000x the number you’ll have…

  • Billy

    Last I checked we did play them in indiana yes we lost on a last second LUCKY SHOT but they have to come play us at RUPP. And if my memory is correct didn’t we BEAT them when it mattered by 10. So to say the CATS are scared is just crazy. Go BIG BLUE.

  • KujoCatFan

    Hey Dakich why dont you take YOUR team to IU to play? Oh that’s right. You got fired because you’re a pathetic fraud thay can’t coach. You are lame and a tool. We have seen you troll before and we will see you troll again. Crawl back under your bridge.

  • Sherry Gardner Ford

    Wow, strong words from such a little man. Yeah, take your happy a** and go to IU. Nobody messes with the BBN and especially CATS and Coach Cal. Poof…be gone with your bad self.

  • Jonathan Matheis

    Hmm, let’s look at strength of schedule here Dakich. Where is UK and where is IU? Oh, and please remind me, who has IU defeated this season? Where are they in Lunardi’s current bracketology?

  • kondordisqus

    For the record, UK called a press conference after the two schools agreed in principle to another home and home series. Only after that press conference was called, did IU back out of their verbal commitment and not sign the new deal.

    Shame really. Loserville is ok to make fun of when we play them, but the only team I truly hate are the Hoosiers. Good for us though that Indiana sucks, otherwise we would slide into Tennessee.

    Oh, and Dan Dickitch is the worst troll ever.

  • Robert Lee

    Dan is just trying to stir the pot…IU needs the assurance of AH and they need UK…they seem insignificant without us…I like that…

  • Naomi Collins

    Maybe it’s the flat cornfields or malodorous hog farms, but has anyone noticed how Indiana coaches take on a “kind” of craziness?

  • Ian Powers

    In response to Billy’s post, Tom Crean proposed the idea that IU play at Rupp and UK plays at Assembly Hall alternating locations every year. Coach Cal rejected the idea.

  • mr mak

    I always wondered what the definition of dweeb was, but Dan Dakich even showed his picture . Indiana’s crowds are obnoxious which leads the referees astray, if you know what I mean.