Eastern Kentucky’s Mark Elder talks about close loss to Kentucky

Eastern Kentucky head coach Mark Elder talks about the loss at Kentucky.

He also spoke about the difference between his defense of Drew Barker compared to Stephen Johnson.

Here is what he said about Barker and Johnson:

On whether his team prepared for Drew Barker …
“He wasn’t out there a whole bunch. Not really. I mean, they’re not a huge – I don’t think that they drastically changed their offensive between the two. Their other quarterback, he is more mobile. He extends plays better, you know, he is harder to sack because he can scramble around in there. He is pretty elusive, but they’re both throwing quarterbacks. It’s just one probably extends plays a little bit better. They’re not out there, like Josh Dobbs, or the kids from West Virginia a few years ago. They’re not out there running him a whole bunch. He is scrambling for the most part. Occasionally they keep one on his own read or something like that, but no. We just did a better job of wrapping up in the backfield. We got a couple sacks against him, but we are seeing the same actions and the same routes and so forth, so we weren’t expecting a whole bunch different.”

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