Did Calipari Take a Swipe at Duke Today?

In the race to grab the best players, both Duke and Kentucky made a play for Hamidou Diallo. According to The

Courier Journal  Diallo compared Duke’s strategy and Kentucky’s by saying:

“Kentucky’s pitch was just the NBA thing, Duke’s pitch was if you come to Duke, you’re going to be set for life. It’s more than just basketball. (John Calipari’s) pitch was he gets guys ready for the next level. Look at the numbers: it shows. It’s the best place for you if you want to make it to the NBA.

“Both pitches are appealing. It’s just a hard decision. I’ve got a lot of schools recruiting me, a bunch of schools capable of taking me to the NBA.”


And that brings us to today- where Calipari wrote his recruiting strategy and seems to specifically reference the differences between the 2 teams- without saying the word ‘Duke’.

On The Vision of the Program, Coach Calipari describes his recruiting strategy:


“I refuse to go in a home and paint a picture saying things like, “If you come with us you’ll be taken care of for the rest of your life by the program and by our alums” even though you may only be in school for a year or two. How preposterous does that sound? What if I say that same thing and the young man decides to transfer for one reason or another? Does that still hold true that we’re going to take care of them the rest of their lives? Our approach is to give them the fishing rod and the lures to help them catch fish, not to just give you the fish.”


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