Devin Booker and a Friend Will Represent Phoenix in the NBA Draft Lottery Tonight

The NBA Draft Lottery is tonight and the Phoenix Suns will be represented by former UK guard Devin Booker and a special friend.

During a visit to a local elementary school, Booker invited special-needs student Noah Smith to join him for the big event.

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Then Suns broadcaster Jon Bloom informed the students he had a surprise. From the back of the gym, Booker walked in.

As students screamed, the second-year guard – not yet 21 – walked to the front. Bloom asked Booker questions about Tuesday’s NBA draft lottery, during which the Suns will learn their selection in June’s draft.

Booker represented the Suns at last year’s lottery. He volunteered to do so again next Tuesday in New York.

“I think you have a lucky charm you want to bring with you, is that right?” Bloom asked.

“I do,” Booker said. “Last year, one of my close friends, Jenna Warren, joined me. This year – it’s actually why I’m here – I want to invite Noah Smith to join me.”

From his spot on the floor, Noah bolted up and walked quickly to the front of the gym. He knew something neat was happening, but he wasn’t sure what.

“Are you excited?” Booker asked.

Noah, 11, is a Suns fan. He got it from his oldest brother Brad, the die-hard type who grew up muting the television during games so he could listen to local legend Al McCoy on the radio. Brad isn’t sure when his love for the Suns sprouted, but he’s seen a photo of his dad holding him as a baby. In the picture, Dad is wearing a Suns T-shirt, while baby Brad is wearing a Suns onesie.

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The Draft Lottery will be on ESPN and the Watch ESPN app at 8:00 p.m. ET.

Odds to win No. 1 pick:

1. Boston (via Brooklyn) 25%
2. Phoenix 19.9%
3. *L.A. Lakers 15.6%
4. Philadelphia 11.9%
5. Orlando 8.8%
6. Minnesota 5.3%
7. New York 5.3%
8. *Sacramento 2.8%
9. Dallas 1.7%
10. *New Orleans 1.1%
11. Charlotte 0.8%
12. Detroit 0.7%
13. Denver 0.6%
14. Miami 0.5%

* = picks affected by trades.

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