DeMarcus Cousins asks for prayers, not happy



DeMarcus Cousins didn’t play the entire fourth quarter against the Wizards on Monday, he played only 26 minutes total. He said he’s not too happy about how things have gone lately but he won’t come out either and say who he is not happy with.


While he hasn’t actually said what he is upset about, opinions point to his adjustment process as a young player – who needs to learn to adjust to the adjustments that teams make against him.

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  • disqus_6KNqhaE24f

    I saw him play in Denver and I he is my favorite player. But I was thoroughly disappointed. Not just cuz he played poorly. But when things go bad, you can see it in his demeanor. Things like not getting back on defense were all too common in that game. However, he is not the only one to blame on that mockery of a team. I saw the Kings turn the ball over around the three point line, and about 3 or 4 of them just stay in their spots as they watched Iguodala or Farried or whoever it may be just break away. He was benched the whole second quarter, so I think the coach needs to discipline other players too. Its not just Boogie. I really hope he gets outta there (and Seattle isnt a good relocation spot either)

  • Scott Spears

    I won’t pretend to understand what goes on in Boogie’s life, and I do not know him personally. However, I can say with reasonable certainty that his problems are at least partially of his own making…combined with the stress of playing on a losing basketball team. I also know that playing in Sacramento has got to be terrible for a franchise talent, as the owners (the Maloofs, for now) are just about the worst in the NBA. My only advice for Cousins is to stick it out, try to find some joy in the game wherever you can, and remember that you’re a free agent soon. Then you get to either name your price or name your team. No matter what, you still get PAID UNGODLY SUMS OF MONEY TO PLAY BASKETBALL.

    I hope he gives San Antonio a chance. He could learn a lot both about basketball and about being a human being from Tim Duncan…and Popovich is a coach that even Cousins would have no choice but to respect.