Courier-Journal Cartoon: Nerlens Noel X-Ray Reads NIT

The Courier-Journal has an interesting cartoon today concerning Nerlens Noel’s knee injury and how it relates to Kentucky’s tournament chances.

nerlens noel courier journal cartoon

John Calipari’s daughter Erin, didn’t like the cartoon very much and drew one of her own:

What are your thoughts of the cartoon?

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  1. …wow… so mature ms calipari

    • Yourmommasbabydaddy

      She’s still in school so kind of gets to be immature if she wants. You, on the other hand, look hella old and way too ancient/mature to be commenting on a child’s behavior.

    • You comment that hers is immature, but what the news paper did was not? You sir are as dumb as they are. This is a kid they are talking about. A kid that just had his dreams stomped and we hope that he is able to recover! I understand that people don’t like Kentucky, comes with the territory of greatness, but have some humanity when it comes to these kids! Geez! How would you feel if this cartoon was about your child???? Thank you Erin for sticking up for our guys! Much love from the BBN!

  2. ok i love his daughter as much as i love him

  3. disqus_fXNsnG150E

    Great job Erin. If Ashley Judd doesmt run for senate the u now have all the BBN nation’s votes.

  4. Ashley Judd has been the queen of BBN for a long time, now we have a new princess of the BBN. Congrats Erin, you just won the hearts of all the BBN legions.

  5. pathetic for a news paper to stoop that low. these are not paid pros they are 18 year old kids. I would hope his family may want to contact a good lawyer.

  6. disqus_x3brA77L6L

    Courier J
    This is low life making fun of a young man that is hurt. Do you not have any principles

  7. As talented as he is, nerlans is still a kid. Making fun of him for his misfortune is the lowest of the low. BBN didn’t make fun of Gorgui Dieng when he was injured…I say the one who created this article as well as the editor of the courier journal should compare paychecks in a year or two and see who is making fun of who then

  8. That cartoon is in bad taste..

  9. Think this is great. Completely agree in how bad of taste the original in the cj was. Besides, most of the bbn is ok with an ok year, we just got done hanging banners. Everyone is allowed a rebound year. Maybe this way we can keep some of our top players for another year because of this to see how they can really progress. We are not fair weather fans. I think the #’s at Rupp prove that we are loyal.

  10. Hi. Hi. Why do all of you genius Ky. fans think this is some kind of UofL thing. The peopleat the paper are the idiots. Louisville fans feel horrible for what happened to noel. We don’t dislike UK players never have it’s
    Cal and of course the fans for this reason. You peoples reaction to this is why. We didn’t do this. You guys have misplaced anger issues. And wow calipari’s kid doing this is an example how blue minds get corrupted
    in a bad bad way. Grow up and reason “fans”

    • The courier journal cartoon was uncouth at best. And it was most likely written by your fellow card fans. Erin’s cartoon was a response to that cartoon. Get your head out of your ass.

      • Really is that what she was doing. Informative post. And as much as it pains me to say it but half of the city of louisville are cat fans so who knows if the insensitive bastard who made the cartoon is a fan of ul or any team. Who cares. Point is c.j. dude is an ass and the response to it is just as stupid by erin and alot of uk fans.

        • I know half of Louisville is cats fans, i’m from Louisville. Erin wasn’t poking fun at the city of Louisville, she was poking fun at UofL fans.

          you can say what you want, but one cartoon sarcastically made fun of people not being able to read, and the other cartoon made fun of a kid who tore his ACL and became ineligible for the rest of the season. You can’t say they are even on the same level.

          • Yeah you’re right they aren’t comparable. Poking at Kentucky’s tournament chances and poking at a teams fan base. How did UofL even get involved in this. Our fans didn’t do this. You guys are all butthurt because the way your season has turned out. Did we somehow have something to do with that too. Has the lexington whatever paper never ripped on UofL.

          • No… I’m pretty sure our paper was void of all content referring to gorgi when he got hurt…

          • The cartoon ripped on UKs chance at getting in the tournament without noel. It wasn’t making fun of a kid getting hurt. Still it was bad taste.

  11. Ooh i just noticed she is giving the middle finger over her duckface lol. Looks like everyone’s way outta her league. Keep praising the jerseylicious wannabe bbn

    • cmpop your ridiculous, have you gotten enough attention yet. you are one of those attention starved boring individuals only on here to razz up people for attention. Grow up.

      • Originally bleacher report directed me here. Read insane uk reactions and tried to talk sense into you guys by asking how uofl got involved in this. Erin should be upset with uk fans for streeing out her father by giving up on this years team and talking about next year.

  12. WOW this is why I would not subscribe to that paper! Love Erin! GO CATS!

  13. Called to cancel my subscription yesterday. They asked if I was dissatisfied with their service in any way. I said “yeah your dumbass cartoon shows your staff has some growing up to do. GO CATS! And please direct me to the people that can get your paper out of my house.” Lol

  14. Cal you need to talk to your daughter. She should not have have done the drawing and i am ashamed of you and your Daughter. You both need to make a public apology to all fans in ky. get a life. this is just a game.

  15. You need to be ashamed of yourself and your dtr for the drawing she did. I am very disappointed in both of you. I love UK but I do not agree with this type of garbage.

  16. William Haddox


    • Yeah, that is kind of what sets Kentucky apart from most programs. KY has gone to the NIT once since 1976, and the coach that landed them in the NIT last time got fired. Do your homework, learn the tradition.

  17. I don’t see the original cartoon as making fun of Nerlens, I see it as stating a fact. As a result of his injury the Cats will most likely be in the NIT. I really don’t see how the Cards got involved either.