Could Bobby Petrino be Playing Kentucky Fans Like a Fiddle?

Irony is everywhere around the Kentucky Football coaching search recently, and to no surprise to most, it centers around former Arkansas head coach and avid motorcyclist Bobby Petrino.

John Clay of the Lexington Herald already speculated this afternoon that Petrino could possibly be using Kentucky as a patsy to show he is ready to get back in the SEC no matter the price.

Knowing the way coaches and their agents work, however, this may have more to do with Petrino trying to send a message to possible suitors that he means business about getting back into the fray in 2013.

Chief among the intended targets could be Auburn, which may or may not pull out the pink slip for delivery to head coach Gene Chizik, whose team is reeling at 2-7 overall and 0-for-the-SEC heading into Saturday’s game with Georgia.

Now there is a report this evening that Auburn is indeed going to fire Gene Chizik.

According to, Gogue has contacted board members about forming a committee to help with the process of possibly removing Chizik and naming a new head coach “within days after the end of the season should the decision be made that Chizik will not be retained,” the site wrote. Chizik is in his fourth season and only two years removed from winning the national championship.

The website says that Louisville offensive coordinator Shawn Watson has been named as a potential candidate.

I have been sickened all day reading comments by Kentucky fans trying to compare the possible hiring of Bobby Petrino to the hiring of John Calipari.

If you can look John Calipari in the eye after that comparison, then maybe you should check your moral compass.

John Calipari was sitting by the phone waiting on Kentucky to call, while it looks like Bobby Petrino could possibly be using Kentucky just to get the job he always wanted.

Remember when he almost left Louisville and actually interviewed while Auburn’s coach was still coaching?

What about ditching the Falcons after 13 games and Mike Zimmer, his defensive coordinator, said this about the coach everyone wants,

“He’s a gutless (expletive),” Zimmer said, via the Cincinnati Enquirer. “Quote that.” Zimmer continued, “He is a coward. Put that in quotes,” Zimmer said. “He ruined a bunch of people’s lives, a bunch of people’s families, kids, because he didn’t have enough nuts to stay there and finish the job. That’s the truth.”

Does that sound what Kentucky needs as it’s head coach?

It sure doesn’t sound like someone Kentucky’s leading tackler Avery Williamson would like to have as his next coach.

“A coach and a staff that is just like Joker,” he said, “that cares about us more than on the level of just playing football, but cares about us as people.”

Maybe everyone should think if they would like their own son to play for a guy like Petrino and represent the University of Kentucky before they start spouting off about winning at all costs.

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