Commonwealth Stadium Attendance Was Under 19K For Vanderbilt Game


Attendance at Commonwealth Stadium for Saturday’s football game against Vanderbilt was much lower than UK originally reported.  UK announced that ticket sales were over 40K, but it was obvious that not everyone that had a ticket actually showed up for the game.  Through an open records request, WLEX learns that the actual attendance wasn’t les than half of that number.

Here’s an excerpt…

The announced attendance for the game was over 40,000. That’s the amount of tickets sold, but that’s certainly not how many fans were in the stands. Through an open records request, LEX 18 obtained the actual number of people at the game based on tickets scanned. That number is 18,885.

Read the entire article here..

It’s hard to believe that the stadium that holds over 70K people only had 18,885 fans in attendance.  Once you take out the Vanderbilt fans, who knows how low the attendane was for UK fans.

With Samford coming up Saturday, I hope we can at least double that number.  The seniors deserve it!

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Anthony Vicars
Born and raised in Jenkins, KY, I met my first UofL fan at the age of 23. It's been all downhill from there.
  • David

    I went to that game and just about fell off my chair the other day when I read they said there were 40,000 there and that they counted season ticket sales. I told my buddy that day I figured the crowd to be around 15000. Dang seems like athletic department is in denial

  • Frankie Landrum

    I hope there is a decent turnout in support of the Seniors and Jokers last home game. They do deserve that!