College Predictions for Remaining 2013 Prospects

Three of the best high school seniors¬† still haven’t made a college decision yet. Herald-Leader polled 6 national recruiting writers and these are their predictions.


Andrew Wiggins
– Florida State (5 out of 6 voted for Florida State, only one predicted Kentucky)

Julius Randle – Kansas? (3 out of 6 voted Kansas, 2 for Kentucky, and only one voted Texas)

Aaron Gordon
– Arizona (4 out of 6 predicted Arizona, 1 predicted Washington, and one voted Kentucky)


Find out the identities of the polled recruiting writers and their predictions here.

Time for another mini poll… we want your prediction:

Who will pick Kentucky?

  • Andrew Wiggins (39%, 499 Votes)
  • Julius Randle (32%, 406 Votes)
  • None (15%, 189 Votes)
  • All of them (11%, 140 Votes)
  • Aaron Gordon (3%, 37 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,270

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  1. I think if Kentucky lands any of the three it’s going to be Wiggins, but then it’s 50/50.

  2. i randle and wiggins i hope

  3. rodney thompson

    Wiggins I hope, He has to like the show at Rupp

  4. I often don’t understand why all the top players, who obviously have NBA dreams, don’t choose to attend University of Kentucky and practice among the other great stars in the nation every day, and play for the coach with the most success at sending players to the NBA for successful long-term careers. Please excuse me when I say, “This is not rocket science.” There are more players in the NBA from UK than any other college or university on the planet, and Coach Cal is the absolute best at what he does to prepare these great players for all that glory, fame, and money. Figure it out guys! University of Kentucky has the greatest college basketball tradition on the planet, awesome fans, and the absolute best coach for any player to reach his dreams. Make it happen!!!

  5. Wiggins is a lock to FSU

  6. come on wiggins, both parents went to fsu ??? you know their putting pressure on him to go there !!!! it doesnt matter where he plays at?? he will leave for the pros after one year !! wed love to have wiggins, randles and gordon !!! because this is going to be a special team !!! you guys just might like to be apart of it !!!!! you can go out as champions or you can go out and play for the team that will be watching the ncaa championship game on tv ????

    • Wiggins parents did not just go to FSU but were both All-Americans at FSU (mom Track dad Basketball) Also Wiggins best friend and teammate XRay is already an FSU commit (his dad also played with Wiggins dad at FSU) All this considered and his comments leave many to think he is all Nole.