Colin Cowherd Rips Mark Stoops for Letters to Recruits; Stoops Sends Him 50 Letters

ESPN’s Colin Cowherd recently ripped and mocked Kentucky Football’s tactic of sending bulk mail to recruits to show how important they are to the program.

Mark Stoops countered with sending 50 letters to Colin Cowherd:

colin cowherd letters

Well played Coach Stoops, well played.

Hat Tip for photo: @MattWagner23

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  1. Richard Ottersbach

    Colin Cowherd, please… Its much better than what USC does out west. It grabs attention and flatters most. At USC they set your parents up in a nice house a pay you weekly. Find something more worthy Cowherd, like maybe the NCAA’s monopoly of all these kids. I don’t want to hear about education, because ESPN makes their millions off the same things the NCAA does, exploiting college athletes. For every commercial ESPN sales, then they should give 75% to a NCAA educational fund. Great Job Coach Stoops, BBN#

  2. great job coach

  3. Gotta love the Stoops troops ! Can’t wait for 31 August !!

  4. Cowherd is a wimp just look at him, Stoops is getting er Done, Go Ky Wildcats BBN !!!!

  5. That was an awesome way to respond. Gotta love a guy that doesn’t take such drivel out of talking heads so seriously that he gets mad and spews more crap. He doesn’t just get even, he one-ups the guy. I like this Mark Stoops… Good on you Kentucky.