Coach Cal’s Bad Hip


Coach Cal has a neck and hip problem. He’s taken painkillers to try to reduce that pain.

Q. You talked a little bit about it on the radio last night. How much is your hip bothering you this season?
COACH CALIPARI: It’s been bothering me. But I got no excuse. I’m just a negative guy (laughter).

Q. Are you on pain medication right now (laughter)?
COACH CALIPARI: Oh, my goodness (laughter).
I’m going to say this: If Alan (Cutler) chased me, he could catch me.

Q. Has that been a rough thing, though, to deal with in season?
COACH CALIPARI: Yeah, but c’mon. I mean, I got a massage today. We’re winding it down. I’m fine. I did take some painkillers. I don’t take aspirin, drugs, nothing. Never smoked. I’m like ridiculous. But I took four straight days of pain pills so I could sleep. I said, ‘I’m not doing it. I stopped.’

I’m fine. Look, I’m old. I used to be young. I’m old. I’m going to have to have my hip replaced. I don’t know.

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