Coach Cal to Donate 20,000 Shoes for Typhoon Victims in the Philippines


Coach Cal is helping the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines. He tweeted asking BBN to join his efforts, he is donating some money through his foundation to Samaritan’s Feet. The money will buy 20,000 shoes for people affected by the typhoon.

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  1. Dewayne Beavers

    That is a great thing to do for them, Try to send UK tee shirts as well if possible, sure they need clothes too might as well be Kentucky blue ! Thanks Cal.

  2. Peggy Moody Cox

    Send them 40-0 T shirts , that sUK wont be useing ,lol

    • “That sUk wont be useing”… Too bad there is no spellcheck in Louisville to fix your horrible response… But thank you for representing idiotic Card alum everywhere