Check Out the New UK Football Uniform

Five star-recruit Matt Elam, along with other star recruits, were  in Lexington yesterday for UK camp. Here he shows us a sneak peek of the new football uniform for the season. BBN, what do you think?

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  1. I’ve always thought a black helmet would be awesome. Especially for those blackouts when we always ended up wearing the blue helmets… I’m so pumped for this year.

  2. Don’t care for em, not enough BLUE!

  3. University of Kentucky School colors are BLUE AND WHITE!!!!!!!!! Look on the website BLUE and WHITE, next thing you know UK will be like DUKE all BLACK with very little blue or white, just what we need to do be more like DUKE…All it is, is a marketing scam to make nike more money, stay true to your school colors don’t do it because everyone else is……

  4. BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Where is the Kentucky BLUE????? Nice shirt but NOT BLUE!!!!

  6. Kristen Purcell

    this isnt right, you do not need to change the colors. its BLUE AND WHITE not GREY!!! Change back the color

  7. Crystal Taylor

    the colors are not blue and gray….dont change them…geee

  8. Joshua Galbreath

    The jerseys aren’t for you to wear! Its for the recruits! If it works… and gets the players excited and more talent! Let them have it. Its for one game! Calm DOWN! lol

  9. Calm down everybody. Many schools have these things called “Alternate Uniforms” that are usually an “Alternative” to the regular uniforms. These are very nice and remind of of the platinum jerseys we wore in the 2011-12 basketball season

  10. The matte helmet is TIGHT! Hoping to see these in the upcoming season.

  11. Don’t like them! We need just white/blue! No gray!

  12. You people are stupid!! Yall just mist the point of this. The guy holding the shirt is the 10th best player in the nation. Nike gives the coaches many options and some times the coaches let the players or recrutes choose the uniforms. I dont care as long as Matt Elam is wearing it next year. Coach is right educated fans will understand. #weareuk #BBN

    • “mist” ?Did you MISS school ??!?!? …sometime as two words ? Surely you are not including yourself among the “educated fans” ! lol

    • You realize that the guy holding the shirt is NOT Matt Elam right?

  13. I love em.. like alot.. when will they be available to buy.

  14. Voting NO ! NO ! NO! Grey is not our color…We are NOT Memphis ! Stop messing with the Unis. U don’t see Bama doing such silliness !!!

  15. Kevin S. Ramsey

    I like it nice color and just the right amount of blue. I would love to see the black jersey used more often as well

  16. Blue and White.

  17. needs more Blue but i like them …. if we can win in them i dont care if they are pink and green stripes

  18. Freaking Love It!!! About Time We Get Some KICK ASS UNIFORM’S!!! Yeah To Some Of The Fans There May Not Be Enough Blue But Us True Fans Were It Proud Every UK Game I have Ever Been To Has Had Enough Blue To Paint The Town!!

  19. I dig ’em. Only difference between this and the other “alternate uni is it’s gray and not black. Look at Oregon; they have how many combinations for their uniforms and they have jerseys that are more than green and yellow, which is their school’s colors. Part of the allure of recruits to go play at Oregon is the uniforms, so why shouldn’t UK get involved too?

  20. I like the jersy but the helmet should stat blue


  22. Big Sweet John

    We are BLUE and White not Gray and White

  23. Awesome, need variety