Chane Behanan’s Final Four Ring up for Auction

*Photo by Regina Rickert*Photo by Regina Rickert

Chane Behanan’s 2012 Final Four Ring has made it to the auction block according to Adam of

No word yet on how the ring ended up with the auction house (insert Card joke here) or if Behanan is aware of the sale.

According to Fox Sports Ohio’s Zac Jackson:

That’s going to leave Behanan to answer some questions. If he sold the ring, that would be a violation of NCAA rules along the same lines of what got Terrelle Pryor and other Ohio State football players in trouble in 2010 and eventually led to Pryor and coach Jim Tressel being dismissed from the program.”

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*Photo by Regina Rickert

*Photo by Regina Rickert


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I'm a photographer covering UK and local athletic events for Nation of Blue. I started out as a media contact for the Berea College News Service, sending out press releases to hometown newspapers. This led to covering Berea men's basketball and writing game summaries for a local newspaper. I eventually combined my love of sports with my passion for photography. I began shooting UK athletics in 2010.
  • bullettooth60

    Maybe he’s going to use it to pay for Ware’s ticket and court costs.

  • ukjb

    so either he donated it (which he should be able to prove), or he gave it away (why would you give away a final four ring), or he sold it for a profit (illegal)….
    so he’s got a 1/3 chance to clear himself and a 2/3 chance of being an idiot

  • Dusty Rhoades


  • keepyourownhouseinorder

    just worry about beating Cleveland State and don’t be concerned with other programs.  Do you guys have a football game coming up?

  • JasonMorris3

    when UK won their title a couple years ago, we didnt have any problems like UL’s been having lately.

  • ukjb

    Dusty Rhoades 
    ncaa violation… it’s a subsection on recruiting so that big time programs who win trophies/memorabilia don’t have a financial incentive for athletes to go to one school over another