Chad Ford: The Harrison Twins Want to Declare for NBA Draft



According to Chad Ford of, Andrew and Aaron Harrison want to declare for the NBA Draft this summer.

Ford also says that Julius Randle and James Young “look like they’re gone.”

Here is an excerpt:

“Randle and Young look like they’re gone. Hearing both the Harrison twins also want to declare (though their current draft stock may scare them back into school). Cauley-Stein and Poythress are both wildcards. Ditto for Dakari Johnson.”

It’s worth noting that neither of the Harrison twins have shown up in three of the most recent draft predictors from national outlets, including Ford’s latest update to his Big Board on Tuesday. It’s also worth noting that it would not be a surprise if both players did leave for the NBA after this season, despite what John Calipari has said recently.

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Anthony Wireman
Owns and operates and contributes frequently to Nation of Blue.
  • Tracy Whitaker

    I thin Coach Cal would know alittle more about the matter than Chad Ford.I do think that the Twins will make decent NBA players someday but in no way shape or form are they ready this year.I also think their smart enough to figure that out on their own.

    • ukjb

      Completely agree. most of our players go bc coach tells them they are ready. Coach has already said the Harrisons are not ready. Unless we win out including both championships (sec and ncaa), they should be back.

      my guess as of right now:

      out: polson, hood, randle, young
      in: ulis, booker, towns, lyles

  • Mick spencer

    NBA ha they better hope ky doesn’t pick up a couple guards for next year!

  • PBcoolUK

    I’d like to see them come back along with WCS, DJ, AP, … well everyone possible, but Randle and Young and seniors are certainly finished. I think the Harrison twins can dominate college basketball next year and could be lottery picks. Andrew is starting to show signs of being a great scoring point guard and I think the added years of dialing in his decision making and understanding of the game in a more enjoyable setting like college basketball and more maturity will make him a possible lottery pick in a year or 2. Aaron probably won’t need to show as much for NBA teams, but more maturity and more consistent shooting should help his draft stock.
    I think WCS and DJ coming back would help clear up some questions for scouts. They’re both quite raw, but I would think their “branding” or whatever you want to call it would be better showcased at UK and they’ll simultaneously get to develop with a lot of hype in front of a televised nation. I would think financially for these guys that being able to develop a popular name “brand” along with NBA skills would be more lucrative than going to the NBA and seeing very limited minutes for a few seasons or going to the D-leagues. Of course I’m not a scout, just a fan.

    • jlm656

      Randle and Young both show great promise to be sure, but they have not demonstrated anywhere near the maturity and consistency that suggest that they are ready. I do not know what their or their families’ personal financial situations look like, but they would make much better NBA players with at least one more year at the collegiate level.

  • bill mcqueen

    look to me like the Harrison twins needs to go to some high school to just see if they can play there because they may go about 7 or 8 in the N B A you got to be good to play there

    • BleedsBlue365

      late 1st round unless a large number stay in school, i.e. Joel embid at ku

  • Bill Isaacs

    These two have spent exactly one night apart in their entire lives by their own account. I wonder how that figures into their decision?

  • Ian da Cat

    I follow big blue everyday. If anyone is NBA ready on this team it’s Randle. Another year for ALL so far is a must. Ride the pine in NBA or go play for tax free Europe or Asian teams. If that’s what they want then so be it. Tired of $ hungry teens thinking they’re ready to take on the the big boys in the big league. Show me u got it first. Good luck. GO BIG BLUE!

  • BleedsBlue365

    the twins aren’t happy at kentucky. None of the players play with joy except dakari currently and willy earlier this year. A few are hustlers but the players rarely smile. you can’t fake Brotherhood. polar opposites of 2012 champs. They could be so special.

    • mark wesling

      totally agree. Twins never smile.

  • jlm656

    They are in no way ready to go pro – what is it about their performance this year that would lead them (or anyone else) to believe that they are?

  • Major

    For the last two years there has been no joy when these kids are playing. I think some of it should be on Coach Cal’s shoulders. He is constantly yelling at the players.
    Rarely do you see him smile or congratulate them on their play. They don’t play poorly all the time. Some kids do not perform well when being chastised all the time. A coach should be able to determine which player needs tough love and which need to be handled a little softer. Coach K doesn’t yell much, and look what he gets out of his players!!! (Don’t get crazy, I do not in anyway like Duke!!!/just giving an example of coaches who aren’t yelling on the sideline). I would love to see these kids having fun out there. Why would anyone want to play when they are so afraid to make any little mistake. Remember, as Coach Cal says: THEY ARE YOUNG!!!

    • UkLarry

      Let’s not forget that there were concerns with the twins in high school about their attitude and selfishness. I trust Cal is trying to address that as a coach and that those concerns still exist. As an aside, still thing Young shoots too much.

  • davidmacq

    How likely would the Twins go to the same team? It might be the last time they play and spend time together. Maybe that will influence them.

  • Daria J Karp Sislow

    The twins are good players, but I don’t believe they’re draft ready yet. Keep on playing for the BBN, boys.

  • David Campbell

    I like the kids for coming to Big Blue and I think they both have plenty of potential. The both have shown flashes of that potential at times this year. But at other times they disappear. This certainly is not what the pros are looking for and they are both fooling themselves if they think they are going anywhere high enough in the NBA draft this year to see any playing time at all. At least another year, twins–Neither of you are ready.

  • bruno

    Great kids but they are not ready for the NBA. Somebody who knows what they are talking about needs to give dad an honest assessment. They’ll be D league regulars the first two years. Randall is the only one on the team who should declare.

  • Billy Taylor

    Randle would be fine. Young needs to become a lot better shooter and average a lot better before he does but he is closer than the others.

    No one else is ready period. Far to inconsistent to play NBA.

    NBA players would tell the coach to get them out of there way.

    They may want to go but the ones who get them in the NBA are dumber for taking them than they would be for even declaring because all them kids see is $ but the NBA scouts should no better.

    Including Jonson,Stein and both twins and I love KY basketball and these kids all of them are good kids but the facts are the facts..

  • JimmyM.

    I don’t think the twins are ready but let’s face it Archie Goodwin was drafted….

  • Bobby Slaughter

    The problem with the players coming in now is they think that when they put on the jersey with Kentucky across the front that it makes them better than everyone else but it only makes the other team play harder and better in trying to beat them. I also think it makes the Refs look the other way a little more on fouls. You can look at the stands at the other team’s home when KY plays there, half full unless it’s KY then it’s full. Cal needs to be a little bit more honest with his player about going pro.

  • wayne8734

    I think it’s rather obvious,the Harrison Twins are no where near ready to play in the NBA,it’s not even close.

  • Haberi

    You have to be kidding. ? They aren’t good ?????????????????????
    o enough for the D-League. They have a inflated sense of self-importance…..guess they are not getting a college education one can be that dumb or delusional

  • Walt Tompkins

    Walt @ UK 1955
    I would prefer to see the Harrison twins transfer to another university where they wouldn’t be competing against great teammates like Randal for attention. I’ll bet that they would make great sophomore (and potential draft-ready) players at some place like Butler or Transylvania. I’m not kidding.

  • Grendel007

    I think they are good players but I see two big problems
    1. How are they going to make sure they get drafted to the same team? Being apart for the first year, at least, would be a huge obstacle
    2. They pout too much. I can see that being a big deal in the NBA.
    They have gotten much better as the year has progressed though, so they might be fine by the end of the season.

    What I would REALLY like to see is a least a few players with some experience on the team. If Poythress stays he has the potential to be like Josh Harrelson next year, but he has to find that switch and set it to permanently on