Celtics Interested In Demarcus Cousins

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Demarcus Cousins was reinstated from his “indefinite” suspension after one game. That doesn’t mean he get’s to play however as the Kings have chosen to leave Cousins at home for their game against Portland.

Cousins says he would like to stay in Sacramento. Hmmmm…..  Do you really think so?  Do you (UK fans) want Cousins to stay in Sacramento?

Cousins may say (publicly ) that he want’s to stay in Sactown, but I can’t imagine him not being excited about playing in a larger market such as NY or Boston.

Recent repots have surfaced that Boston is the top bidder in a possible Cousins trade.  I can’t imagine Cousins not getting excited about having Rondo delivering the ball to him on a nightly basis.

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About the Author

Anthony Vicars
Born and raised in Jenkins, KY, I met my first UofL fan at the age of 23. It's been all downhill from there.
  • http://www.facebook.com/jbird211 Jason Burnett

    I’ll take him at San Antonio, go get him Pop. Let him learn from the BEST PF to ever play.

    • Username__already__exists

      Karl Malone is playing for the Spurs? 37,000 points can’t all be wrong!

    • Username__already__exists

      Or maybe it’s Larry Bird?? Dan Issel? Kevin Garnett?

  • http://www.facebook.com/chris.fraley.370 Chris Fraley

    I love Cousins!! If he get his temper under control he’s the best thing that could happen to the Celtics this year!!

  • Frames Janco

    If he goes to either of those teams, he’s got big talent to learn from.
    KG, Duncan, Lopez.