Bowling Green Administration Responds to Fired Coach’s Claims

Bowling Green Superintendent Gary Fields and Principal William King have responded to claims made by fired girls’ head coach LaVonda Johnson.

Johnson issued a press release on Thursday that made several claims against Bowling Green administration.

On Friday, King denied Johnson’s allegations to the Bowling Green Daily News. It was also discovered that Johnson had been warned about several incidents in the past.

Here are details:

In the memorandum from Fields to LaVonda Johnson, Fields cited occasions dating back to October 2015 that reflect he and King had lost confidence in Johnson’s leadership as head coach.

According to the memorandum, Johnson received a reprimand on Oct. 15, 2015, for use of profanity directed toward a student and was informed that similar behavior could result in her removal as coach.

On June 6, Johnson commented to a student “during a game as to her acting crazy when she did not take her medication.” The memorandum reads “While you assured the student’s mother and High School Principal William King that no one heard your comment to the student about her being on medication, the investigation of the parent’s complaint about the situation revealed that at least one other coach and two students heard your statement.”

It also states that King gave Johnson a memorandum on March 1, 2016, and again for the 2017 season “listing several performance expectations” because “he felt (Johnson) needed to improve in several areas.”

The memorandum reads, “These documents reflect that Mr. King has lost confidence in you as the head coach.”

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