Bobby Petrino is Interested in Kentucky Job


Yesterday news came out that former Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino is interested in the Kentucky football coaching job.

This from

“I just know this, that he’s interested in Kentucky,” Bobby Petrino Sr. told the Louisville Courier-Journal on Wednesday. “He wants to stay in the SEC. That was his life’s goal was to go to the SEC.”

Kentucky announced on Sunday that coach Joker Phillips would not be back next season and that the coaching search would begin immediately. While Petrino might want to throw his name into the mix, he might be a long shot for the job.

I would be very surprised if Bobby Petrino gets an extended look at the Kentucky coaching job due to his past trangressions.

Maybe I am wrong, but I hope I am not.

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About the Author

Scott Anderson
I love covering the Kentucky Wildcats and even though I can't cheer on the outside when I go to games now, I am definitely cheering on the inside. You can follow me at @SAndersonNOB on twitter.
  • Larry Abel

    I think Petrino would be a great pick!

  • Frankie Landrum

    BRING HIM!!!

  • Robert Bub Byrge

    if Petrino wants the job and Barnhart doesnt snatch him up, I think Barnhart should be the next to go. its bad enough Coach Cal wanted this job when they hired Billy G ,that was a huge bust. thankfully HE ACTUALLY wanted the job second go around, we need someone whos a PROVEN college football coach, i personally dont are about his personal life as long as he keeps his transgressions OFF the field lol

    • Justin Ryan

      Hell NO! I had to live through Eddie Sutton and Billy Gillespie as basketball coaches. Not interested in doing it with a football coach. Character First!

      • Daniel Ridener II

        I understand how you feel but Petrino has never been indicted for NCAA infractions like Sutton and Petrino is a proven winner unlike Gillespie.

      • glassdrew

        if your happy with what coach Cal has done then you have no room for that comment, coach Cal didnt have a great character at UMASS, or memphis but UK GAVE HIM A CHANCE and we all love him, so for you to judge petrino by his past is a COWARDLY gesture . nobody can change their past only control the present.

        • Kelly

          I disagree with Cal not having character. Cal was brash and maybe not so much now but why would anyone say he didn’t have great character???

          If you know the UMASS story and the facts about it…Cal did ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong…in fact he was sent a letter by the NCAA basically saying that they would never have known Camby got an agent if it wasn’t for Cal coming forward and personally reporting the violation. People have the facts about Cal’s past all wrong!

          • glassdrew

            I agree 100% with you on Cal , i loved him at memphis but the media is not going to portray him as a good character person since his wins got vacated. On petrino the media is not going to look past what happened at Arkansas and alot of times that all people get their perception from ,, I think Petrino could do kentucky wonders as the football coach, life is all about second chances , who determines who gets them and who dont is a different story.

    • Darrell Brangers

      The only thing is that if we had gotten Coach Cal the first time we would have to have dealt with the Derrick Rose situation, so it is probably best we didn’t get him the first time.

  • Daniel Ridener II

    I was saying it months ago and now that we know he is interested. What is there to think about? Petrino is the winningest name they have discussed for this job.

  • Kevin Jordan

    I like how everyone acts like they’ve never made mistakes. Give the guy a break. Pitino did the same thing at UL and got a ten yr contact extension. These guys are human, they screw up. I truly believe he realizes this may be his last chance at coaching and I don’t think he’ll screw that up. I say make the man an offer.

    • ukjb

      well one could say gillespie screwed up at ky and he won’t make that mistake again… see how far that took him at texas tech? … dont get me wrong, i think we should take him if the offer is on the table because i dont think we can hire anybody even close to his talent. Just need a buy out clause if he tries to leave before his contract is up… that’ll buy us new locker rooms and facilities if he leaves. at least then we’d get something out of it.

  • Jason Burnett

    He’s not loyal, come in, turn the program around, get an offer from somebody else….HE’S GONE!!! Great coach, no morals, or loyalty to people who were loyal to him, ON and OFF the field. Personally, I say pass on him and take a good look at Neal Brown. Ky bred(Boyle Co), played at UK, under Mumme/Leach, had a top 25(top 5 one year) offense at Troy, and has Texas Tech’s offense in the top 20 for the past 3 seasons. Oh, did I mention he’s 30?? Can only be hungry, and get better. Great choice for me

  • Vic S

    Think about it…we suck at football and always have! What’s the downside to taking a chance on Petrino? We have nowhere to go but up! I say take the chance and lets see what happens.

  • Tez Taydo Brown

    brent pease, he has a uk background and has florida’s offense rolling. still sticking to my pick

  • Greg Winberry

    UK fans are starved for a good football program. Petrino would turn the football program around almost as fast as coach Cal did the basketball program. It’s a no brainer. HIRE THE MAN!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FlamingfistLee

    I’m going to say this only once…if UK is serious about football…they will stop hee hawing around with unproven coaches and INVEST in a proven coach such as Bobby Petrino. We are not hiring a priest! Bobby made a mistake, yes, but he is an excellent coach and that is what UK needs! We made the same mistakes with Tubby Smith and Billy Gillespe (unproven coaches). People said the same damn thing about John Calipari (morals). By the way, how’s that working?

  • FlamingfistLee

    In Kentucky’s situation, someone mentioned that Bobby will turn the program around, pack up and leave? We can’t hire a coach based on the fact that he will stay over a long period of time, They have a name for those kind of coaches (losers). The reason a coach will leave is because they can find something better. That’s not their fault, it’s ours. Today, we can’t give a reason for a coach to stay. Alabama, LSU, Florida, and Georgia gives coaches a reason to stay, but they still leave…